PG: Red Dead 2 and Nintendo Switch Reactions, Gear VR Love

Join Henry Bell, Brandon Bowling and Tom Schreier as they react to the announcement of Red Dead 2 (1:00:00) and Nintendo Switch (1:11:00), as well as Pokemon Sun and Moon leaks (1:18:00), Valve criminal charges (1:24:00) and the end of the StarCraft in Korea era (1:28:00).

But first they discuss the games they’ve been playing: Gear VR games (0:30), The Escapists (22:30), Mafia III (28:00), Stardew Valley (34:00), I Am Alive (36:00), Shadow Warrior 2 (43:00), Overwatch: Junkenstein’s Revenge (52:00) and the new Hearthstone Tavern Brawl (55:00).

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Join Henry Bell, Brandon Bowling and Tom Schreier for a weekly discussion of the state of gaming, recent releases and what they’re playing. They’ll be covering current headlines while sharing their takes, experiences and love of gaming.

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