PG: Samsung VR Heats Up, Digital Homicide Destroyed and Symmetra Overhauled

Join Henry Bell, Brandon Bowling and Tom Schreier as they discuss the games they’ve been playing (1:00), Samsung VR causing phones to overheat (1:01), Digital Homicide getting “destroyed” (1:04), Grand Theft Auto Online getting biker gangs (1:08), Symmetra getting a “dramatic” overhaul (1:16) and Pokemon Go getting an update (1:24).

Games discussed include: Super Mega Baseball: Extra Innings (0:30), Paladins (9:00), MX vs. ATV Reflex (15:45), Earth Defense Force: Insect Armageddon (25:00), Deux Ex: Mankind Divided and Overwatch (50:45), Far Cry Primal (53:30) and Distance (56:00).

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Join Henry Bell, Tom Schreier and Max Hamilton for a weekly discussion of the state of gaming, recent releases and what they’re playing. They’ll be covering current headlines while sharing their takes, experiences and love of gaming.

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