PROCEDURALLY GENERATED: Pokemon Go Takes Over, Game Review Ethics, and More

Daniel Starkey (Wired, Rolling Stone) joins Henry Bell, Brandon Bowling and Cold Omaha’s Tom Schreier to talk about Pokemon Go’s takeover of the world (literally), ethics in game journalism and more.

Below are the topics covered:
Overwatch, Kingdoms of Amalur, Xbox controller vs. PC (0:30)
New vs. old Fallout, Metroid Prime 1 vs. 2 (12:00)
Doom, XCOM: Enemy Unknown, Dishonored, Dark Souls (24:00)
Pokemon Go general commentary (54:00)
Sega Saturn DRM cracked (1:27:00)
FTC vs. Warner Bros., ethics with reviewing games (1:33:00)
And more news! (2:09:00)

Thanks. And, as always, game on!

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