First-Round Mock Draft: Picks 11-20

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PICK 11: New Orleans Saints (Inman)
SELECTION: RB Leonard Fournette, LSU

Only thing the Saints should be concerned about is building up their defense, but this is a lot more entertaining. Drew Brees is going to have a lot of fun with this ultra-dynamic player in his backfield during his final years in the league.

PICK 12: Cleveland Browns (From Eagles) (Posey)
SELECTION: S Malik Hooker, Ohio State

Teams ate the Browns alive deep over the middle of the field. Hooker is a rangy athlete that can shut down throws over the middle and bait quarterbacks into thinking a wide receiver is open. This is an upside pick, but even if Hooker isn’t a complete product, he’s a massive upgrade over the players on the roster here.

PICK 13: Arizona Cardinals (Inman)
SELECTION: QB Mitch Trubisky, North Carolina

Tough position for the Cardinals brass as they have to decide if they want to push the chips all in and go for Super Bowl or bust with their current roster. However, with Carson Palmer 38 years young, they get their choice of the first QB off the board to groom. Trubisky likely would’ve been the no. 1 pick in 2018, so to get him at 13 has to be considered good value.

PICK 14: Indianapolis Colts (Posey)
SELECTION: Edge-Rusher Charles Harris, Missouri

Colts just have to be better up front. Believe it or not, their offensive line is good. It’s on defense where they struggle. Harris isn’t a great run defender, but he’s good enough. What he can do is get after the quarterback, and he is really good at that.

PICK 15: Philadelphia Eagles (From Vikings) (Inman)
SELECTION: CB Marlon Humphrey, Alabama

Technically, this red-shirt sophomore has not declared for the NFL draft. As we await for his decision after the national championship game, just know he has the combination of size, speed and ball skills to be the first cornerback off the board with untapped potential.

PICK 16: Baltimore Ravens (Posey)
SELECTION: LT Cam Robinson, Alabama

Ricky Wagner walks. Ozzie drafts a Bama kid because that’s what he does, and Baltimore moves him to right tackle. The Ravens get back to their power running game.

PICK 17: Washington Redskins (Inman)
SELECTION: S/LB Jabrill Peppers, Michigan

Washington needs help at safety and linebacker. Peppers can do both as a hybrid athlete. He won’t get away with as much as he did in college, but he will add another play-making presence on defense to team up with Su’a Cravens.

PICK 18: Tennessee Titans (Posey)
SELECTION: WR Corey Davis, Western Michigan

The Titans could go a couple different directions here, but Davis is too enticing to pass up. He would be a perfect security blanket for Marcus Mariota as he can get open outside as well as from the slot. Davis is a yard-after-catch monster and would be the best receiver on the team.

PICK 19: Tampa Bay Buccaneers (Inman)
SELECTION: DL Derek Barnett, Tennessee

Noah Spence could be a force on the edge, but the Bucs need more help and more talent on the other side. People will start to overthink Barnett leading up to the draft, but watch the tape and you’ll see one of the best edge players in this class.

PICK 20: Denver Broncos (Posey)
SELECTION: OG Quenton Nelson, Notre Dame

The Broncos feature a middle of the pack offensive line in the run game and a bottom-five offensive line protecting their quarterback. Whomever the quarterback is, protecting him is a big deal, and Nelson is that guy to get the job done.

Picks 21-32 will be released Friday.

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