PFT: Michael Floyd to Face Two-Game Minimum Suspension For DUI, Eight More for Second Violation

According to Michael Florio at Pro Football Talk, Michael Floyd could face a two-game minimum suspension per a source with knowledge of a hearing conducted by the NFL of Floyd’s case.

That suspension will likely be increased because of “aggravating circumstances,” more than one of which Floyd may meet:

“Absent aggravating circumstances, discipline for a first offense will be a suspension without pay for two (2) regular or postseason games,” the policy provides. “If the Commissioner finds that there were aggravating circumstances, including but not limited to felonious conduct, extreme intoxication (BAC of .15% or more), property damage or serious injury or death to the Player or a third party, and/or if the Player has had prior drug or alcohol-related misconduct, increased discipline may be imposed.”

Floyd qualifies for the extreme intoxication qualifier (he blew a .22 in Arizona to receive his initial DUI sentence) and may also qualify for “prior alcohol-related conduct” depending on how the NFL treats the citation he received while at Notre Dame for drunk driving.

It wouldn’t be surprising if Floyd’s initial suspension, therefore, ends up being four games even though two games is the standard punishment.

Florio mentions that this will be treated separately from Floyd’s most recent violation of the terms of his house arrest after blowing a .055 (and subsequently a .054, then .044 over the next hour), which may or may not be treated as a “second violation” under the NFL’s policy.

The trickiest problem is that the NFL outlines the punishment for a second driving-related alcohol offense but not a violation that merely pertains to the first offense. That second offense punishment is eight games and could be onerous for the Vikings and Floyd.

If the NFL only interprets the most recent mishap as a violation of his treatment plan and not as a second offense by itself (all players who violate the substance abuse policy enter a treatment plan with the NFL), then the punishment may merely be four games instead of eight.

The essential takeaway is that Floyd’s first suspension is two games — unless it’s not — and his second suspension is eight games… unless it’s not. The fact that he could be facing a total suspension between six and 12 games this season will weigh heavily on the Vikings as they determine how to split reps as we approach training camp.

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