I’m sure I’m the exception — hold your jokes, please — but I’ve long contended that I would absolutely love it if a channel existed that just played random Twins games. In fact, I’d even pay to subscribe to such a service, either via my cable subscription or even something like WWE Network.

No, seriously. Get on it, MLB Advanced Media.

A 7-6 nail-biter over the A’s in 1999? I’d watch that. A 10-2 loss to the Mariners in 1995? I’d at least have that on in the background.

In the meantime, the Youtube channel “Classic Twins” is the next best thing. Right now it appears they have uploaded 32 full games and/or highlight videos that’ll speak to the nostalgia if almost any Twins fan.

Today’s Twins Flashback Friday is just a random game from the 1989 season. It took place on May 13 at the Metrodome — I still have fond feelings for that old dump, sue me — and featured some of your favorite Twins of yore, like Kent Hrbek, Kirby Puckett, Greg Gagne and Gary Gaetti. Or, if you were for some reason a really big Shane Rawley fan…uh, yeah. He makes the start for the Twins in his final big league season.

The game was also the NBC Game of the Week — again, for some reason we’ll probably never know.

It’s a totally unremarkable game between two teams who are under .500 just three years after I was born. There’s no reason for me to have any interest in this game and yet, it soothes me.

Maybe I am a crackpot. Let me know in the comments.

Here are the starting lineups from this game:

All images courtesy of “Classic Twins” on YouTube.

There are some fun names on the other side here, like Tony Fernandez, George Bell and even pre-breakout Fred McGriff. Did you know he played for the Blue Jays before breaking out with the Padres and Braves? I mean, I did….but maybe you didn’t!

Hope you enjoy this game and let us know if you have any tips for upcoming Twins Flashback Fridays!

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