Sam Ekstrom and Sage Rosenfels discuss the following from Minnesota’s 14-9 win versus Atlanta:

-The Vikings excellent late-game drives.

-Defensive success on third downs.

-Case Keenum’s performance.

-Latavius Murray’s improvement.

-Other results around the league.



  1. Keenum is so over rated. He’s Nick Foles or Matt Schaub or Gus Frerrotte or Todd Bouman all over again and everyone thinks he’s Kurt Warner and thinks that all the players are winning because of him instead of teams unprepared taking a couple months to figure them out and as of thanksgiving they HAVE.
    Keenum has taken more sacks in the last 6 QTRS than the rest of the year…. his offense has been held to minimal points over the last 6 quarters largely due to the running game.
    Why fans feel the need to throw their own team under the bus and willing to throw the future of the franchise away to elevate their QBs to undeserved status is beyond me. If it were up to some Keenum fans pretending to be Viking fans they’d pay him $25M and let Diggs and Barr’s contract expire just to afford his contract. He can’t make throws unless he can step up and wind up and throw and even then they’re off target passes to an area of the field that Diggs and Thielen will adjust to and make him look good.
    Teams have contained him the last 5 quarters by preventing him from having a pocket to step up into rather than shooting gaps going for the sack and breaking contain… if they do he will smoke them with Houdini moves. I said this type of check down gameplan against this contain look vs teams after Thanksgiving and we will score 17-20 in a ball control offense… we won with 14 plus ended in field goal range so about the same last week. Will that be enough to win? Depends only on the defense. Falcons and Rams were one dimensional. You shut down Gurley or Julio Jones and their offense is going to be predictable. Don’t think that will be true about the Patriots or Steelers in the Super Bowl and we probably need to put upside serious points against the Saints or Eagles to win. Keenum is not the guy to bring us a Lombardi… but if Brad Johnson and Trent Dilfer and a rookie Tom Brady,Russel Wilson and Ben Roethlisberger before they were a fraction of what they became later in their careers can win one, sure we could get lucky and we have a chance but it is going to be because of 52 other members on our team and brilliant play calling in spite of mediocre QB play and not because of it.
    Keenum can put up a final drive for a score perhaps if we need 25 or so some percentage of the time but this team could have an 85% chance of winning against playoff opponents moving forward with a QB and with Keenum they figured him out so we have maybe a 60/40 with home field advantage for a given game… to win 3 games in a row that is only about a 20% chance assuming we have home field throughout.

    It’s the Vikings, we can’t leave these things to chance! Teddy could probably make the throws and so could Sam but we know they’ll get hurt if a butterfly lands on their ankle so start Kyle Sloter, at least teams don’t know how to defend him!

    We need to throw the ball on 1st down more often to succeed in setting up less obvious passing situations and so defenses cant just use soft zone coverage with containing DL.
    We start doing that and we can run more on 2nd and 3rd to get the first and we won’t have to rely on Keenum when they know he’s passing. 14 points of offense is not in anyway “good”, 50% conversion percentage is decent but against a worn out defense when Atlanta just rolled over and gave us the ball every 3rd downbut 1/10 plus pentalites the team should get much more than 300yards when they dominated the time of posession thanks to defense and running game (in games past the offense dominated time of possession thanks to Keenum’s escapability. But since a late thanksgiving adjustment now teams are letting Keenum sit back in the pocket flat footed or off back foot and daring him to thread the ball through windows or check it down and he isn’t what he was anymore as a result. No wonder we had such a conservative gameplan, the Vikings coaching staff know the jig is up… I guess they’re trying to keep Teddy healthy for the Super Bowl final drive which means Kyle Sloter will start his first NFL game in the playoffs and we’ll have to call on Christian Ponder to come in fresh off watching his wife do battle bots while picking his nose after the inevitable injury to Sloter happens to win the NFC championship. Then maybe, just maybe we can say, hey Trent Dilfer won a Super Bowl, let’s hire A 50 year old Brett Favre to repay him for all the memories and Bud Grant is so tough that he could probably play running back and still get more yards after contact than McKinnon!!
    Finally, at halftime we’ll beg Trump to by executive order buy this franchise and stand down as president so he can use his connections with Walter Peyton and Fran Tarkington to lure them back out of retirement after Bud Grant and Brett Favre crack in half but insist on still playing with just a torso.
    THEN and only then does this cursed franchise have a shot at winning.

    Or else we could just be smart and tank the rest of the year and play for a draft pick so we can draft a surgeon that didn’t get his degree from Milton Bradley playing the game operation by stabbing tools randomly!
    This way when the next star inevitably gets injured and needs surgery the surgeon won’t end a promising DT’s career just because he decided to do surgery while drunk with pepper on his nose and blindfolded just for fun.
    I’m kidding!!!
    …If the surgeon did that, Sharrif Floyd might actually still be playing because at least then we’d have a chance at “successful surgery” actually meaning what it is supposed to!!!
    Oh well, at least there’s always next year when none of the 3 QBs are under roster and we can’t afford to keep any one of them and still keep Barr, Kendricksand Hunter and Diggs long term… so maybe we will get that high draft pick to draft a surgeon after all!
    Skill Vikings!
    Super Bowl champions 2050!! You heard it here first!

  2. What’s with all this optimism? If I wanted to root for a winner, I’d cheer for the Patriots!

    Spoiler alert, after 72 year old Fran Tarkington comes off retirement to lead our team into field goal range capped off by a 20 yard run by Bud Grant, the kicker misses!