Three years ago when the Minnesota Vikings lost to the New Orleans Saints 20-9, the Vikings were victimized by a slow start and a long scoring drive late in the game by Drew Brees and Co.

As evidenced by that game, dropping linebackers into coverage and giving Brees time to pass might be a losing strategy.

Here’s the video evidence.

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  1. How about man cover 1? I feel like Alvin Kamara or AP or even Tedd Ginn in the open field with space is more dangerous or just as much so. Man cover 2 is too easy to run against and easy to read. Man cover 1 is also easy to read and puts pressure on Waynes vs Ginn but I’ll take it over the disaster you just showed me on tape!

    Blitzing may be lesser of two evils in some spots but it leaves a LOT of open field.