The Minnesota Vikings’ first loss in over two months was characterized by potentially concerning injuries, ill-timed turnovers and big plays that took points off the scoreboard.

Here are the five biggest.

The Non-Catch

Adam Thielen’s catch on third down right before halftime momentarily gave the Vikings a 16-14 lead.

But then it was reviewed.

Only detectable in slow motion, Thielen bobbled the ball momentarily as he rolled out of bounds, and the play was (correctly) overruled. Minnesota settled for a field goal and missed out on four points.

I canโ€™t believe this was overturned! #screwed #vikings #carolinapanthers #nfl

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Newton Improvises

The Vikings were good on third down defensively, holding Carolina to just 33.3 percent (5 of 15). Unfortunately, four of those conversions went for touchdowns, including this improbable throw by Cam Newton to escape the clutches of a near sack.

Keenum Corralled

Not only did this sack on third down knock the Vikings out of field-goal range, you’ll see the injury to Riley Reiff below. The left tackle did not return with an ankle injury and was seen with a boot in the locker room.

Deflection Off Diggs

With the Vikings down 11 points in the fourth quarter, Minnesota was driving into Carolina territory when Case Keenum turned it over for the third time on the day. Both he and Diggs were culpable as the pass was high, yes, but probably should’ve been hauled in by the wide receiver. It was a wacky bounce that probably robbed the Vikings of at least three points.

Newton’s Scamper

And then, after an 11-point comeback by the Vikings to pull even at 24, the Panthers pulled off their second 60-plus-yard run of the day. After stifling the Newton read option for the majority of the day, Everson Griffen made a poor read, Linval Joseph failed to get off a block, and Newton took off for a backbreaking 62-yard run that led to a game-winning touchdown.

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  1. 1)Keenum underthrew Diggs, Munnerlyn defended leading him would have been a long TD like many other passes of Keenum’s career.
    2)Keenum threw to Diggs off on a screen, Diggs tries to high point it, tips off his helmet INT
    3)Keenum pass forward ruled a fumble
    4)Keenum early underthrown pass to Thielen, result is an INT.
    5)Keenum threw behind Diggs instead of to the sideline by the pilon for a TD, Vikes only get a fieldgoal.
    6)Probably a lot of other off target incompetions and sacks because Keenum can’t hit the short and intermediate route with

    These are not correctable mistakes, these are the result of an inaccurate QB and we can only mask his deficiencies of arm strength and accuracy by so much. The Lions in the 4th Qtr figured out adjustments to slow down Keenum in soft coverage and containing DL. Atlanta Falcons contained our offense to 14 using a different variation of forcing Keenum to stay flat footed in the pocket, the Panthers came after Keenum a little bit more which hadn’t worked for most defenses but they covered the inside zone a little better forced Keenum to make difficult throws to the outside,
    The bottom line is if you force Keenum to have to throw the deep outside routes and/or stand flatfooted or throw off his backfoot and don’t let him step up and wind up and throw he doesn’t have the arm to deliver. He can throw it to a spot and let the WR adjust and make good decisions and reads. He’s a good regular season QB, and a hell of a backup QB, but he cannot succeed in the playoffs when he needs to be able to carry the team unless we get pretty lucky and the defense and other weapons carry him.

    Keenum only needed a couple weeks to get up to speed, if we put in Teddy we will have a few weeks. At that point at least there won’t be any more tape on teams either defending Keenum or baiting him into turnovers so if we stick with Keenum he will still maintain some ability to beat and Teddy will have had a few games to get on the same page with Shurmer in playcalling and click with the WRs and it at least gives you options.
    Of course it is the Vikings so we will instead ride Keenum into the ground despite all evidence that teams are starting to figure him out.
    If we benched Keenum in the 2nd half of the Detroit game opponents wouldn’t have any tape of slowing him down in this offense and Teddy would have had more reps…
    But for some reason Zimmer decided to be stubborn and now will likely go into the next week with Keenum and he will fail when we need him and the alternative will be going to Teddy cold like here Teddy, we know you haven’t played full contact NFL preseason game in a year and a half but we need you to win a playoff game because we ran Keenum into the ground.

    So stupid, I guess I hope we get lucky with Keenum and he can out pass Russel Wilson, Drew Brees and Tom Brady and if he can’t we’ll hand the 4th quarter to Teddy down 21 and blame our season on him

    Or maybe we should trade all of our players for a punter, go all undrafted players and start over just for fun…

    • Keenum starts. Bridgewater continues to ride the pine, and will only see action in the event of an injury or a blowout game.

      In the offseason, Keenum is signed to a starter level contract. Bridgewater can choose between backup quarterback money or a new team. Hopefully he leaves, and takes fans like you with him. You might as well get comfy now at your new NFL home: