Four years ago, at a time when 105 The Ticket was on the Twin Cities airwaves and Grantland graced our computer screens, Zone Coverage was originally conceived as Cold Omaha, a premier destination for Minnesota sports content. Seeing the shifting landscape in sports media — companies going bankrupt and laying off good writers and broadcasters — we have been working to create premier coverage of our local teams written for today’s readers.

The Ticket is now The Vibe. Bill Simmons was fired from ESPN, Grantland was shuttered and The Ringer was formed. And we’ve rebranded from Cold Omaha to Zone Coverage. In the four years since we’ve started, we’ve added staff, built out a podcast network and will soon expand upon our video offerings.

We still adhere to our original philosophy, however, that in order to cover sports comprehensively, you must break down film, use advanced analytics to supplement the eye test and relay anecdotes from the locker room. We have people that are experts in each category — film, advanced stats and reporting — and in order to support our work, as well as add to it in the future, we need to have a membership program to sustain and build upon our roster of talent.

You can sign up for free by providing an email, username and password. If you wish to view our premium content, memberships start at $2.99 a month, or $23.99 for a full year. As always, you will be able to find a sampling of our content on the KQ, 93X and 105 The Vibe websites.

We are a constantly evolving Minnesota sports media company that is looking to serve you, the reader. If you have any questions, comments or just feel like reaching out, email us at or follow us on Twitter @zonecoveragemn.

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