Garrett's Marriage, Jean Blanc's Cologne & Jordan's Underpants

Kyle Ratke and Sam Ekstrom are joined by Ted Johnsen of The Jason Show on FOX 9. The three discuss the risers and fallers from Episode 4, how ABC needs to vet its contestants better and when NOT to say the L-word (ahem, Jean Blanc).

TINY NICK’S GIANT PICKS: NFL Week 7, We Dem Boyz, Per’s College Corner
By Nick Hamaty - Oct 22, 2021
Green Bay Packers
THE PACKER CHRONICLES: Packers scoop up Whitney Mercilus and a WFT game preview
By Mitch Widmeier - Oct 21, 2021

CnD NBA SHOW: Big (and Little) Rockets Win with @itspossiblyKD

Dyl & Che discuss Chelanga’s media tour and hear from their friend Roy. Real Stupid News [1:00] @itspossiblyKD and game reacts [18:30]

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