FANTASY FOOTBALL PARTY: NFL Week 9: Road Warrior, Hagrid and ... Bo talk trades, firings and candy

Bo was checking FantasyLabs late one night

When his eyes beheld an eerie sight

It wasn’t 2V gulping down fries

Instead he got a big surprise


He lost to Magsh

He lost 50/50 to Magsh

That bastard Magsh

Part of the FFP menage

Four wins for Magsh

It’s a fact we can’t dodge

All hail to Magsh

He’s the king of the lodge


Yes, your beloved Fantasy Football Party-goers cashed in their trick-or-treating candy early enough to make it to JL Beers in Burnsville to record the Week 9 podcast. The combination of tasty beverages, the sugar high, and a combined century-plus of juvenile humor led to a show that has been recorded for posterity. You’ll be party to history just listening to it.


Even with six teams on the bye the Party-goers found plenty to talk about, from a double regret stemming from placing opportunity above talent to half-owned guys you can use to fully own your league to a complete breakdown of all the fantasy-relevant news from this week’s games—and plenty of non-relevant detours down a road best marked NC-17.


Plus Magsh showed up as Saved by the Bell’s Principal Belding… wait, we’re being told he was Hogwarts maintenance engineer Haggard; 2V turned his weekly Zubaz into a poor imitation of the Road Warriors; and Bo took home the costume contest with his lifelike rendition of Richfield society icon Robert Mitchell.


(Narrator: At least he wore pants.)


And of course you had 2V spanning the globe of references from Mike Tyson’s Punch Out to DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince—and somehow bringing it all back to at least the neighborhood of fantasy football relevancy; Magsh wondering how the Lions’ offensive coordinator might adjust the length of Matthew Stafford’s pass attempts in the wake of Golden Tate’s departure—if only to be able to say “Cooter” and “dink” in close proximity; and Bo running up a nice 50/50 total while inserting his Chubb into lineup after lineup with blatant disregard for the consequences.


(Narrator: Thank the deity you choose to support this holiday only happens once a year.)

While you’re listening, please enjoy the labors of our show sponsors:

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The FFP’s 50/50 lineups for Week 6:


Mitch Trubisky
Raheem Mostert
Marlon Mack
Josh Reynolds
Dede Westbrook
Christian Kirk
Ricky Seals-Jones
Colts D
Jason Myers


Dak Prescott
Wendell Smallwood
Theo Riddick
Chris Godwin
Albert Wilson
Willie Snead
Jack Doyle (Geoff Swaim injury pivot)
Cowboys D
Dan Bailey


Joe Flacco
Frank Gore
Ito Smith
Duke Johnson
Robby Anderson
Keelan Cole
CJ Uzomah
Detroit D
Giorgio Tavecchio

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