Since the winter can be an especially tough time to drum up #hot #relatable #content, I decided to try something different. I asked every Twins player I could find in the dugout over the season’s final weekend the following question:

“What would you be doing for work if you weren’t a professional baseball player?”

Previous editions:

So for each player, I’ll ask Twitter what they think, and every good-faith answer will be used.

Sound good? Good.

The player: Jose Berrios

The Verdict

Brandon: If you weren’t playing professional baseball, what would you do for work — and why?

Jose: Wow. Good question. I don’t know, maybe a teacher? I like working with kids.

Brandon: What kind of teaching?

Jose: Physical education.

Brandon: So like that, and Health too?

Jose: Both! Yeah. I’ve learned a lot during my baseball career that I could bring to the students.

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