Ranking The Uniform Matchups of the NFL Divisional Round

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Uniform coverage, something that has been a staple of the Giles and the Goalie podcast, is going to try and make weekly appearance here in the written form as well. The segment will not always be hockey related, as we will try to hit on the topic/uniform du jour of the week in sports.

To kick off this segment, we are going to rank the uniform matchups from this weekend’s NFL Divisional Round from worst to best. It is a pretty decent field this weekend and will be moving forward into conference championships and then the Super Bowl.

Ok, enough said. Lets rank the matchups!

4. Los Angeles Chargers at New England Patriots

The Chargers look is not bad here, but disappointing on their part they did not go with the navy pants to accompany their white away jersey. With the white helmet, this is just far too much white from a team like Los Angeles who has plenty of color options.

New England has hung on to the same uniform since Tom Brady entered the league, essentially. Sure, it replaced a set that cried out ’90s’ but the incorporation of grey in these uniforms is questionable. The Patriots do have red as a color in their set, but for whatever reason, they do not use it at all. They did incorporate some red into their alternates this season which was a play on their throwbacks from the ’80s, which looked much better than grey. Get away from the grey, New England.

3. Philadelphia Eagles at New Orleans Saints

As noted last year in the lead-up to the Vikings-Eagles NFC Championship game, the Eagles rebrand in the late 90s was one of the better ones in recent memory. But they replaced the iconic kelly-green uniforms, which was a major disappointment. Also disappointing that the Eagles are opting for white pants with white jerseys, but their white jerseys — along with the midnight green helmet — do have a bit more color to them to offset the white pants.

The all-black uniform is New Orleans’ best look, and they are pulling it out for Sunday’s playoff matchup with Philadelphia. They pretty much made the all-black look their exclusive set at home this season, with the exception of Week 1 and Week 5. Since 1986 the Saints have had very minimal uniform changes as they have made the black and old gold — along with the fleur-de-lis logo — a great look.

A special patch is on New Orleans’ uniforms for this season, as they honor owner Tom Benson, who passed away in March.

2. Indianapolis Colts at Kansas City Chiefs

In this matchup, we have two teams who have not made a uniform change since the AFL and NFL merged. That’s incredible. Sure, Indianapolis carries all white but the large navy blue numbers and thick shoulder stripes are able to make it a *decent* white look.

Opposite the Colts, you have Kansas City who has never strayed away from their iconic red with a yellow stripe on the sleeve. The Lamar Hunt memorial patch on the shoulder — added in 2007 — was a nice touch to the uniform as well.

Now if the Chiefs could just get some postseason wins to accompany those nice uniforms…

1. Dallas Cowboys at Los Angeles Rams

There will not be a more aesthetically pleasing uniform matchup this weekend — or this postseason for that matter — than the one taking place at the Coliseum.

The Dallas Cowboys have the most iconic helmet — and probably uniform for that matter — in football. The white jersey with turquoise grey pants have been their thing, and with all their success they have had in it, it has become a timeless classic.

It is unclear why the Rams just don’t make their blue and yellow throwbacks primary at this point, because they have worn them for their last six home games. St. Lou…er…Los Angeles has started to drift away from the navy blue and gold — which is still featured heavily on their road uniforms — as they have opted for the throwback feel while playing home games in Los Angeles. They do like to toy between the navy and white and navy and yellow-horned helmet, but this weekend they have opted for the accompanying yellow.

Hopefully, the game can live up to the jersey matchup.

Jersey graphics in this post courtesy of Gridiron-Uniforms.com

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