FOOTBALL MACHINE: Hour 2 - Getting Hot for the Playoffs

In Hour 2, Sam, Luke and Arif are in studio to take your phone calls and answer your Twitter questions! We talk about the Chargers’ close losses, Christmas shopping, potential playoff match ups, and drafting cornerbacks.

In This Episode:

  • Chargers losing close games [4:30]
  • Hoodie calls in to talk about the playoffs [13:00]
  • Wyatt calls in to talk about cornerbacks [28:00]
  • Fred calls in to talk about the matchup with L.A. [45:00]
  • Memory Frenzy [52:00]


Sam Ekstrom (@SamEkstrom) is a Zone Coverage staff writer covering the Minnesota Vikings and Golden Gophers basketball.

Arif Hasan (@ArifHasanNFL) covers the Minnesota Vikings for The Athletic.

Luke Inman (@Luke_Spinman) Luke Inman is Zone Coverage’s resident NFL Draft guru and video content creator.

Tom Schreier (@tschreier3) is the co-founder of and previously wrote about Minnesota sports for Bleacher Report and Yahoo! Sports.

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