Midwest Swing: When Tom's Away The Mice Will Play

Tom Schreier is gone so Brandon & Justin The Producer cut loose and talk about a myriad of things including the Twins vs. Brewers series from earlier this week, the “unwritten rules” of baseball and how dumb they are, as well as some more playoff talk and news from around the MLB!


In This Episode:

  • Where is Tom? [5:00]
  • Brewers vs. Twins [10:00]
  • Confidence levels going forward [20:00]
  • Baseball’s “Unwritten Rules” [35:00]
  • Twins, Twins, Twins! [45:00]

Midwest Swing is a weekly podcast where Host Brandon Warne interviews experts, coaches, and players around the league on the state of the Minnesota Twins, The Major and Minor Leagues, and the latest MLB news.

Brandon Warne (@Brandon_Warne) is a Zone Coverage utility writer and our Minnesota Twins beat writer.

Tom Schreier (@tschreier3) is the proprietor of and previously wrote about Minnesota sports for Bleacher Report and Yahoo! Sports before joining 105 The Ticket in 2014.

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