FOOTBALL MACHINE: Jefferson vs. Diggs, DE Rotation & Seattle Challenges

Sam Ekstrom, Luke Inman and Arif Hasan discuss the latest with the Minnesota Vikings. Topics include:

-Houston fires Bill O’Brien after losing to the Vikings. Is Pete Carroll next?!?

-Justin Jefferson and Adam Thielen are the league’s top two receivers on PFF. How does Jefferson’s skillset stack up against Stefon Diggs’?

-When will Dan Chisena record his first career catch?

-What should the defensive end rotation look like without Danielle Hunter going forward?

-What challenges does Seattle present besides Russell Wilson?

-Should Kirk Cousins be rolling out more?

-Week 5 picks against the spread

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Sam Ekstrom (@SamEkstrom) is a Zone Coverage staff writer covering the Minnesota Vikings and Golden Gophers basketball.

Arif Hasan (@ArifHasanNFL) covers the Minnesota Vikings for The Athletic.

Luke Inman (@Luke_SpinmanNFL) Luke Inman is Zone Coverage’s resident NFL Draft guru and video content creator.

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