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Aaron Rodgers Tells Pat McAfee That He Isn't Close to Being Done

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We’ve seen a different side of Aaron Rodgers this year. He has been appearing weekly on The Pat McAfee show for damn near an hour each hit. It’s something that Rodgers, and many other quarterbacks, usually just don’t do with the national media. On this week’s show No. 12 said something that quickly gained steam on social media, and I don’t blame him one bit for saying it.

Near the end of his conversation with McAfee today, Rodgers was asked about eclipsing the 50,000 yard mark Sunday night against the Chicago Bears. At the tail end of his answer Rodgers said, “I don’t think I’m done by any stretch of the imagination, even though some people might’ve thought so in the off-season.”

It doesn’t matter if you love Rodgers or can’t stand him, how can you not respect the hell out of this move? It would be vastly different if the Green Bay Packers were in the midst of a tailspin season and sinking into irrelevance. Instead, they are ascending in the NFC, sitting at 8-3. And the offense, led by Rodgers, has been one of the most efficient units in the entire league.

The hilarious aspect of this is that it’s fairly clear Rodgers is taking a jab at Green Bay’s front office and management with this quote. There’s no other explanation then this being in response to the Packers drafting a quarterback in the first round of the NFL draft in April. And what can you do if you’re someone in that front office and you see this quote? Absolutely, positively nothing. You eat it, you soak in it, wear it and get on with your day. It’s Aaron bleeping Rodgers in the midst of one of his greatest seasons. And don’t misinterpret things here, Rodgers is very self-aware and knows he can get by saying stuff like this. Add it to his damn legacy.

Imagine being someone in that front office and scrolling across that quote on Twitter, casually looking up from your phone, observing your surroundings and feeling like a complete noodle. That’s a TOUGH look. I like to imagine someone that the quote was directed at reading it for the first time, chuckling and just whispering to themselves, “Ha. Rodgers roasted me,” as a light sweat starts to form on their forehead.

I’ve had plenty of people text me during the season saying some version of how they always thought Rodgers came off as arrogant and always deflected blame, and that they’ve done a 360 on that opinion in large part because of the weekly conversation with McAfee. It is fascinating to see Rodgers talk about any topic McAfee brings up and not get the typical “quarterback speak” or “coach speak” that we see from so many. I will even admit Rodgers’ demeanor, his perspective, his mindset seems to have clearly shifted from even last year to this year. Does any of it have to do with the Jordan Love selection? Who knows. Whatever it is, he’s been playing the position as good as anyone and is right in the MVP race and has the Packers grooving. Do your thing No. 12.

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