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Green Bay Does What Green Bay Does at the Trade Deadline

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The NFL trade deadline proved once again, like most seasons, to be a snooze fest. Unless the idea of DeAndre Washington getting traded from the Kansas City Chiefs to the Miami Dolphins fires you up, it was stale. Can I interest you in the New England Patriots acquiring wide receiver Isaiah Ford from Miami? No? Perfect, didn’t think so.

As with most of the league, the Green Bay Packers didn’t do a damn thing either; par for the course for how this organization has sailed the ship for years now. But for once, I don’t blame them for not pulling the trigger.

This idea that the Packers were a run stuffer or wide receiver away from catapulting into a clear favorite in the NFC is moronic. Keep in mind this is coming from someone who stares at a ceiling with no interruptions and no sound for hours most times they lose a regular season game.

I would’ve loved adding Will Fuller. Quinnen Williams? Sign me up. However, the Houston Texans wanted a second-round pick. Would I be willing to part with that for an eight-game rental? No, and here’s why: I don’t think Fuller is a big enough boost to give that kind of asset up for eight games plus the playoffs. Shoutout to Brian Gutekunst and the rest of the Packers front office for not caving in amidst the pressure and noise. Super honesty time: I’m usually screaming when the Packers remain inactive at the deadline, but this year I get it.

One thing I will refuse to do whenever the Packers season comes to an end (if they don’t win the whole thing) is look back and say, ‘Man, if they would’ve just traded for Will Fuller or Quinnen Williams.’ I don’t see it playing out in a fashion where that would be the conclusion. Who knows, maybe this fires up Aaron Rodgers even more? Maybe getting Allen Lazard back will be the necessary re-addition they need. Lazard was a vibe before his core muscle injury and it was evident that Rodgers trusted him (something you have to earn in the land of cheese). Either way, the cards have been dealt, chips pushed in, let’s see how this movie plays out for Green Bay.

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