D.K. Metcalf is Latest Star to Give Justin Jefferson Some Love

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Cris Carter saw Justin Jefferson coming. Former Minnesota Vikings wideout Ahmad Rashad told us that Michael Jordan is a fan of his. Now add D.K. Metcalf to the growing list of stars who acknowledge the rookie receiver’s greatness.

Sure Metcalf isn’t a Vikings great. He’s also not Jordan, who ran the immensely popular documentary, The Last Dance, during the pandemic to remind us that he’s still the GOAT. But Metcalf is one of the greatest athletes in football right now, a dynamic receiver who somehow lasted until the 3rd round of the 2019 draft.

Like Jefferson, he’d go higher now if everyone knew how good he’d be.

He’s also on a team that perpetually beats the Vikings in primetime. He wasn’t on the Shank at the Bank game where Blair Walsh missed a 27-yard kick. But he was on last year’s team that beat Minnesota in Seattle, and he played a key role in Russell Wilson’s game-winning drive against the Vikings this season.

Metcalf could have reached out on Twitter to remind him of this. Instead, he wants everyone to know that Jefferson is a star.

This is validation for Jefferson. Metcalf is one of the best young receivers in the league today, and there is something unique about earning appreciation from your peers. Jefferson returned the love and cheekily asked why they didn’t exchange jerseys at the end of their Week 5 game this year.

Metcalf didn’t snub Jefferson in Seattle this year, he just followed league protocol which doesn’t allow players to swap their game-used jerseys postgame in order to curtail the transmission of COVID-19, which is easily passed through bodily fluids. It’s a policy that has been panned by players like Richard Sherman, who called out the NFL for thinking in a nutshell. They’re playing a cardio-intensive contact sport after all.

There’s no reason to fret, however. Metcalf and Jefferson will exchange jerseys at some point. There’s mutual respect among both players, and this should make the next Vikings-Seahawks game that much more fun.

And hey, maybe just maybe Jefferson will be the player to put the Vikings over the edge, and he can leave with Metcalf’s jersey and a W over a team that has had Minnesota’s number for a long time.

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