WATCH: Brett Favre and Kirk Cousins Discuss the Season Turnaround

Photo credit: Minnesota Vikings YouTube channel/SiriusXM

If you are not already aware, Brett Favre co-hosts an NFL show on Sirius XM radio with Bruce Murray. It’s usually a pretty good listen, as No. 4 has never been shy about voicing an opinion.

This week Minnesota Vikings fans got their favorite QB of the last two decades having a conversation with their current signal-caller. Kirk Cousins joined the show and discussed the team’s turnaround, Justin Jefferson‘s impact, playing in Green Bay and more. The show is normally pure audio, but because it was recorded with Cousins at TCO Performance Center, the Vikings had access to the video feeds and featured the piece on their show Vikings Gameplan.

For bonus points, in the first minute Kirk comes off as likable as I’ve ever heard him. It’d be nice if some of that Favre personality would rub off on him.

It’s a pretty great conversation start to finish. Give it a watch:

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