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Brett Favre Dumps More High Praise On Aaron Rodgers

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Well, doesn’t this just warm your heart if you’re a Green Bay Packers fan? Talking on his normal spot on Sirius XM NFL Radio earlier in the week, Brett Favre and his co-host were discussing Aaron Rodgers‘ recent milestone of 400 career touchdowns. When asked what he thought of Rodgers’ numbers, Favre said, “I think aside from the Super Bowls, he may be the greatest player ever.”

Here’s the full clip:

My heart is full.

It has been well documented throughout the years how Favre was not thrilled when the Packers drafted Rodgers back in 2005 to be his eventual successor, and in some ways, you can’t blame him. But the awkwardness throughout the years between the two that followed just made your skin crawl.

As of recent years, both have spoken out about their relationship, which has molded into a genuine friendship. But to still hear Favre say something like this is surprising. I just always figured he was too competitive or perhaps too stubborn to go this far with the acknowledgment. Not that it isn’t true or that he doesn’t believe his own words, just hearing it from Favre about Rodgers helps bring this puppy almost full circle.

I say almost because we are currently in the midst of watching Rodgers at age 37 sling the pigskin perhaps the best he ever has in his career. And what did the Packers do this past draft? They took Jordan Love, a quarterback, in the first round.

Now, logic says there’s no possible way one franchise can hit back to back to back. Right? Packers fans are still living up the Rodgers years and partying away, but Love is warming his battle rifle of a right arm on the sidelines.

Have you ever seen the pictures that were taken of the late great Bart Starr with Favre to his left and Rodgers to his right? The iconic, legendary NFL and Green Bay Packers quarterbacks. If not, here you go.

First off, RIP to a LEGEND, Mr. Bart Starr.

Secondly, that picture always had me thinking if the Chicago Bears or Minnesota Vikings were to take a photo, could they even find three quarterbacks?

I’ll give you Sid Luckman for the Bears, yes. But who after that? Is Jay Cutler pulling up for the photoshoot with a heater in his mouth as one of the best three quarterbacks in Bears history? Does Jim Harbaugh want a seat at that table? I guess Jim McMahon has to be there, he was the starting quarterback for the 1985 championship squad and had a good overall record even though many would say he never quite lived up to the expectations. Does Rex Grossman show up praying that someone recognizes him? It’s a tough scene to envision that mess.

And for the Vikings? Absolutely without a doubt Fran Tarkenton. Then what? Are you trying to hijack Favre as someone in your top three, you deviants? Or the cup of tea that Randall Cunningham had with the purple? Are there any Kirk Cousins truthers left that want him in that picture? I guess you could go Tommy Kramer off longevity but even he had a record of 54-56 as a starter and one lone Pro Bowl appearance. Daunte Culpepper would have to be in the mix, sure. Maybe we throw in Christian Ponder as a goof? He shows up like, “Wazzzzzup everyone.”

Tarkenton is so disgusted by the scene he gets up and just leaves.

If you want to say it’s taken up real estate in my mind, fine, okay. Have that moment. But 20 years from now when Jordan Love is next in line of all-time great quarterbacks and it’s Rodgers talking about Love instead of Favre talking about Rodgers, we need to find someone who can flawlessly photoshop Love into that picture of Favre, Starr and Rodgers.

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