Why Did The Wolves Release Rondae Hollis-Jefferson?

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The season is almost here!

Not much has happened since last week’s column besides what is probably a pretty minor roster move.

Let’s get to this week’s topics:

We’ll Miss You, Hanny

I still can’t believe the news that legendary sportscaster Tom Hanneman passed away, unexpectedly, at 68 years old.

I wrote a tribute to Hanneman on Friday, which certainly doesn’t do his career or his life justice. In case you missed it, Jon Krawczynski’s tribute is a worthy read.

If you didn’t know a lot about Hanneman, he was great at his job, but what made him so beloved was that he was such a good human being who was nice to so many people. In my opinion, that’s the best legacy someone can have.

Rest in peace, Hanny.

Timberwolves Cut Ties With RHJ

In somewhat of a surprise move, the Timberwolves released forward Rondae Hollis-Jefferson on Saturday.

The hope was that Hollis-Jefferson, who was actually OK in the preseason, could be a defensive-first player on the roster on a team that badly needs it.

It’s tough to look at the roster and feel good about the team’s defense. Even still, I mentioned this after the Wolves signed RHJ, but there was a reason why he was a free agent and a reason why the Timberwolves, not a particularly popular team among players, ended up getting him. Maybe, umm, he’s just not that good.

I get after every move the team makes, we all want to think it could change the entire season. We fell into that trap when the Wolves signed Hollis-Jefferson. But there are smart people, like John Hollinger, who think the Timberwolves made a mistake and he’ll end up on another team.

We’ll see if he’s right.

Where Will James Harden Go?

It was reported that the Rockets had opened up their potential trade net for Harden. It was also reported that the Philadelphia 76ers are willing to put Ben Simmons in a deal, although no deal seems really close.

Where will Harden end up? Will he get traded at all?

The Houston Rockets don’t have any reason to trade Harden to a team he wants other than good PR among players. And I don’t really buy that Houston won’t be in a position to sign big-time free agents anytime soon and if someone doesn’t sign with the Rockets because the team didn’t trade Harden to the Sixers or Brooklyn Nets. The Rockets don’t owe Harden anything. They’ve paid him and he’s the one demanding the trade here. Houston should try to get the best offer they can and run.

And let’s not act like Harden is going to get stuck on some garbage team. No team is trading for Harden if they don’t think they have a chance to compete this year.

What’s Next?

Regular season basketball is finally here! The Wolves open up the season at home on Wednesday night against the Detroit Pistons. This is a game Minnesota should win.

The Wolves then travel to play Utah on Saturday and the Lakers on Sunday. That’s not a particularly easy back-to-back.

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