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Cardinals Twitter Is Getting Destroyed After Their Loss To the Lions

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It’s become customary for team Twitter accounts to send out the final scores of their games regardless of the results. After the Detroit Lions pulled off one of the most shocking wins of the season, their Twitter page had a heyday. On the flip side, the Arizona Cardinals went silent, prompting many to jump into attack mode in hilarious fashion.

The Cardinals’ team account did not send out the final score, which is much ado about nothing unless you’re dug in deep to the unwritten rules of Twitter. As a result, their ensuing tweets have gotten bombarded left and right after the game.

Looking up and down the tweets that have been sent since Sunday’s loss, nine out of every 10 replies are a beautiful and rare unifying moment on social media. Everyone is coming together demanding that the Cardinals give the Lions their flowers and tweet out the final score. Dan Katz (Big Cat) of Barstool Sports is helping lead the charge.

This doesn’t appear to be a one-time ordeal for the Cardinals.

Following their loss to the Los Angeles Rams two weeks ago, there was also no final score post made. What’s elevating this instance to unforeseen levels is that the loss came to the Lions, who only have two wins to their resumé this year. Scrolling back through the Lions’ account, they’ve tweeted the final score; whether it was the heartbreaker to the Baltimore Ravens or the beating they took by the Philadelphia Eagles earlier in the year.

This team has bought into Dan Campbell and the message he is preaching. Sitting at 0-10-1, the panic started to set in that the Lions might go winless this year. Instead, they’ve won two of three as Campbell has loosened the reigns on Jared Goff and started to let him sling it around. The defense has also stepped up in a major way and confused Kyler Murray all afternoon on Sunday. The only question that remains: Will the Cardinals’ account cave to the pressure?

It’s unlikely that they will post anything of a final score post at this point. Ironically enough, doing so would win them over with the masses and wouldn’t be viewed as a negative but instead a fun interaction with all those piling on. Unfortunately, those pushing the buttons behind the scenes may not see it that way.

It may not be official on the Arizona Cardinals’ Twitter account, but it’s official everywhere else. The Detroit Lions curb-stomped the Cardinals on Sunday, which can’t be taken away.

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