Bill Simmons Goes Off On Mike Zimmer

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When you lose to the previously 0-10-1 Detroit Lions like the Minnesota Vikings did on Sunday, the finger pointing gets hostile. This sort of loss gets the attention of even the top media tycoons on in the business.

Bill Simmons unleashed on Vikings head coach Mike Zimmer after Sunday’s debacle and he was far from the only one. The invisible hot seat is scorching after this laissez-faire effort.

It started in fairly typical fashion with Simmons bashing Zimmer for still being around after the loss two weeks ago in San Francisco to the 49ers. The Vikings had chances against Kyle Shanahan’s squad on the road but were never able to fully deliver. Many breezed by this tweet from Simmons without a second thought, not knowing that he was just getting started.

If we can take Zimmer’s side for just a moment, one of the easiest things to do as an onlooker is to second guess calls like two-point conversions.

The Baltimore Ravens were praised earlier this year for going for it on 4th and 1 deep in their own territory to put the game on ice against the Kansas City Chiefs. They converted and John Harbaugh was worshipped. Fast forward to Sunday and the Ravens went for two at the end of their game against the Pittsburgh Steelers to either win it or lose it. They didn’t convert and lost the game and the angry mob formed. Hindsight makes it easy to put on the coaching cap.

Could they have dialed up better plays on the two-point tries against Detroit? Perhaps. But it isn’t as if Zimmer thought, “What’s the stupidest play I can tap into right here?”

It may have looked that way, though. After seeing all of it, Simmons took his last shot.

Losing to that version of the Lions, in that spot, with the Vikings still grinding for a playoff spot is inexcusable. Zimmer certainly deserves to be put under the microscope and Minnesota fans will have a close eye on Thursday’s matchup against the Steelers to see if this team still has fight or if he’s totally lost the locker room. The rest of twitter likely believes he latter.

Even with a win over the Steelers, it might not be enough to save Zimmer’s job when it’s all said and done this year. A lot of the damage has already been done.

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