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A Davante Adams-Type WR the Packers Can Get Late in the Draft

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We all know that the Green Bay Packers probably won’t draft a wide receiver in the first round, so it is essential for the front office to find value later in the draft. They should look no further than Auburn’s Seth Williams.

Williams made an immediate impact at Auburn, reeling in a game-winning catch in each of his three years. In 2018, he had a spectacular over-the-shoulder grab that led Auburn in a win over a ranked Texas A&M team. His second game-winner beat the Justin Herbert-led Oregon Ducks in the 2019 opener. And he sealed a game against Ole Miss last year by taking a 58-yard out route to the house. Williams was a game-changer who could always be counted on. He totaled 2,124 receiving yards on 132 receptions with 17 touchdowns in his Auburn career.

Perhaps the most impressive aspect of his collegiate career was that Williams put up these stats with Bo Nix, one of the most inconsistent quarterbacks in college football, for two of his three years.

At times he almost had to play defense for Auburn. With how inaccurately Nix threw some passes, Williams often found himself in a defensive back-type position in order to make a catch. Often he was able to make a play on the ball. The best example is probably Williams’ huge reception against NFL draft prospect Jaycee Horn. Nix launched up an ugly duck of a ball downfield, and it looked like a surefire interception for Horn.

However, Williams ended up coming up with the ball.

Obviously, Williams would not be playing with that level of quarterback play in Green Bay. There is a huge difference between Nix and Aaron Rodgers. If Williams can have the impact he has had with an average to below-average quarterback, just imagine what he could do with an NFL MVP?

Williams was arguably one of the best 1-on-1 jump-ball receivers in college football. He was constantly able to catch fades in the end zone and contest the defensive back in 1-on-1 coverage. Not only did Williams run fades, but he also ran slants on the goal line, completely throwing off defenders expecting a fade. Rodgers often has to force Davante Adams the ball due to the lack of offensive threats around him, adding Williams would take immense pressure off Adams. Williams’ presence alone would also open up the offense, creating running lanes for Aaron Jones and more open receivers downfield.

The similarities between Adams and Williams are striking. Both receivers are 6’3”, 215 pounds and have incredibly similar playing styles. Both are arguably the best at 1-on-1 jump balls at their respective levels and can make unreal catches in single coverage. Adding a player who so closely resembles Adams may seem redundant, but his playing style clearly works well with Rodgers and increases the chances he’ll make an impact on the offense.

Lastly, it’s worth noting that he’s known for having great character. From him being praised by coaches and fellow players to his off-the-field activities, Williams continues to show why he is a great teammate.

Auburn fans fell in love with him after his huge catch against Mississippi State to seal the game in the last regular-season game of 2020. After a false start penalty by Williams, Mississippi State defensive back Martin Emerson tried to trash talk Williams, getting up in his face.

Williams didn’t say a word and walked back to the line.

On the very next play, Williams burnt Emerson for a contested touchdown catch.

Williams lets his play speak for itself, an approach that would endear him to his coaches and the front office in Green Bay.

He was overlooked because of Nix and Auburn’s style of play. If Williams had played with a better quarterback in a different system, he would likely be a late first-round pick. Pair him with an MVP quarterback, and he’d become a viable WR2 option for a team that needs one.

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