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Colin Cowherd Urges Aaron Rodgers To Finish His Career In Green Bay

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Maybe it’s the 8-2 record. Maybe it’s because the Joe Barry hiring is starting to look genius. Maybe it’s that Brian Gutekunst’s draft choices are looking smarter by the day. Whatever the reason, the tide is slowly turning on last season’s Aaron Rodgers narrative.

While many in the media are still happy to push along false drama and insist Rodgers will be elsewhere next season, some personalities are starting to understand that that might not be the case.

On his popular podcast on the Volume Network, Colin Cowherd, while comparing Russell Wilson and Aaron Rodgers’ situations, laid down a pretty strong case to keep Rodgers in Green Bay.

“There is an understanding that Aaron Rodgers will probably test the waters after the season. I do not think he can do better, in my opinion, than Green Bay. They develop offensive lines as good as anybody in the NFL not named the Patriots. He’s got a number one receiver and two very capable backs. AJ Dillon now is a great compliment and I think the defense this year is the best the Packers have had since their super bowl-winning year

We all assumed Aaron Rodgers is going to really test the waters. I would not be in the least surprised after that Jordan love appearance against the Chiefs, if Green Bay traded Jordan Love for a fifth or sixth round pick and re-signed Aaron Rodgers.

Aaron got some really really ugly press not being vaccinated…What is the one way to garner some affection? Re-sign with the Packers. Make an announcement ‘I’m finishing my career in Green Bay.’ Feels like he’s a team guy, he’s a family guy…You have a fan base that loves him and hasn’t he pissed off enough people? Go back to Green Bay to sign a four-year deal. You move the money around, I’m all in. He wins another Super Bowl…He doesn’t want to end his career like Favre and be choppy. I mean I know we look at Tom Brady in Tampa and think this is the way it’s going to work. It’s not the way it works. Go back to Montana, go back to Favre you can win some games it’s usually really choppy at the end.”

It’s hard to imagine the front office dealing Jordan Love for such a late pick, but that trade scenario aside, he makes a very strong point. Many of the things that were rumored to have frustrated Rodgers have been more than solved throughout the course of the first 10 games. The defense is playing incredible, he has a say in the offense, and he’s clearly been involved in front office decisions ranging from his desire to bring in Randall Cobb to the team’s recent recruitment of Odell Beckham Jr.

If things continue the way they’ve started it’s very easy to believe the number 12 will finish his career in Green and Gold.

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