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How the Rodgers Absence at OTAs Actually Helps the Packers

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It’s been a little quiet lately on the Aaron Rodgers front. Why hasn’t anyone fired up the latest rumor or trade option? We’re getting bored over here. Feed us the drama.

The last development that sent waves through Wisconsin was Rodgers’ decision to skip out on OTAs. It came as absolutely zero surprise that the league MVP opted to go this route, given the tension between him and the Green Bay Packers’ front office. What made it noteworthy to some was that Rodgers had been a routine participant in past years’ OTAs.

A core of Packers receivers also sat out, including Davante Adams, Marquez Valdes-Scantling, and Allen Lazard. While many flocked to the idea of this being a coordinated effort, that just doesn’t seem to be the case. Naturally, the worry is that Rodgers bailing on OTAs is another frayed thread in this disaster unraveling in the land of cheese. However, Rodgers’ OTA absence will end up benefiting the Packers.

Truth be told, Rodgers doesn’t need OTAs. Had Rodgers skipped them, and this drama wasn’t part of the equation, nobody would bat an eye, but the ongoing fiasco invites everyone to build up the narrative. But from this annoying hoopla has emerged some good for the Packers.

Jordan Love got rep after rep after rep at OTAs. Matt LaFleur and the Packers got an extra-long look at the second-year quarterback out of Utah State. Let’s relax. It’s just OTAs. Take only so much from it. But it’s something for them to evaluate, nonetheless.

Rodgers’ disappearing act from these organized team activities allowed Green Bay to focus plenty of attention on No. 10. Hell, if No. 12 is really gonna drag this bad boy out, the Packers may need to find out rather quickly what Love can offer. The benefits of all these extra reps and opportunities for him to work with guys like Aaron Jones and Amari Rodgers before training camp even begins add up rather quickly. It’s super important for young quarterbacks to start that slow development of chemistry as early as possible.

So while Rodgers’ mindset may be that he’s sticking it to Brian Gutekunst by no-showing OTAs, it actually helps Green Bay. What could Rodgers possibly get out of another year of OTAs in Season 16 anyway? Build a little chemistry with young guys like Amari Rodgers and Kylin Hill, who he hasn’t worked with before? Sure. Outside of that, it’s just going through the motions for someone as established as Rodgers.

If this mess continues to drag out into training camp, keep that same energy and mindset. The anxiety for the fans and the Packers will build, no doubt. If this leaks over into June, July — late July! — there will be a lot of sweaty people in Green Bay, and not because of the weather. But this is a glass-half-full kind of vibe we are working with.

Rodgers no-shows training camp? Fine. More chances for Love, more chances for the Packers to watch Love. The saying goes that there’s nothing that can replicate game action. But let the young quarterback get all the prep work and offseason No. 1 reps instead of just launching him headfirst into Week 1 with little to no blueprint.

The other angle is the circus that will accompany Rodgers when/if he comes back. Had he been at OTAs, we’re talking Tim Tebow on the Jacksonville Jaguars-level coverage of Rodgers. We’re talking O.J. in the white Bronco with helicopters up above the practice fields coverage.

The thought might be that this will happen whenever he returns (again, if he does). And, yes, that is true, but it’s important to let Packers fans kick their feet up for now. Recharge the batteries, get rested up, and then proceed to besiege the comment sections and take to Twitter to lash out at every outlet possible when they try to go at every Rodgers angle possible upon his return to Green Bay.

It’s been a grueling month for Packers fans; they are exhausted! Had the MVP been at OTAs, it would’ve been near impossible for the angry mob to muster up the energy to attack on all social media platforms. Gary, T.J., Steven, Don, Ronald, PackersFan02949, LambeauLeaper2138, and PackDude44 deserve a break! An admirable effort would’ve been put forth by them, but it wouldn’t have been enough. Let Love, let LaFleur and the fans take a minute off from all this in May and June, and then everyone can buckle up for a potential Rodgers arrival at training camp in July.

Any sort of extra work that Jordan Love can get with the Packers this offseason will be invaluable whenever the time comes for him to take over. The move to skip OTAs for one of the first times by Rodgers was actually a service for the Packers as they try to figure out what the hell they have in the second-year gunslinger out of Utah State.

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