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Is Davante Adams Social Media Signaling Another Packer Problem?

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We live in an all-time age of access. You have nearly anything you could want at your fingertips whenever you could possibly want it. It’s crazy.

This is especially true in the sports information world. It wasn’t that long ago that if you wanted to know about your favorite players’ contract situation, you would have to buy a newspaper, open it up, and then hope some sportswriter named Jeff just happened to ask the question that you want an answer to. With the rise of social media, we are now at a place where we have constant access to all the opinions, facts, and emotions of every fan, media member, or person in the organization. Hell, you can even ask them stuff directly. It’s wild.

Now, some athletes choose to stay away from the big Internet machine. But that is becoming increasingly rare, especially among young superstars. The posts are often the genesis of rumors and theories. Just two seasons ago, as the Minnesota Vikings swore to the rest of the league that everything was fine, we watched Stefon Diggs take to Twitter in a very IMO fashion to prove that things were not fine at all. Despite the organization and even some media members claiming that the tweets were not about his unhappiness or a desire to be moved, Diggs was unhappy and eventually was traded to the Buffalo Bills.

Davante Adams is no stranger to the social media world. His Instagram story, in fact, is a really great follow. For example, we learned that he got the vaccine and had some unique off-season workouts last year.

Funny, fun, and incredibly honest, his posts are always worth clicking on. Remember when he took Jalen Ramsey’s wide receiver list head-on?

But now we may have a problem. Although Adams has spent the off-season being crowned by the media as a top receiver in the league, and it has been reported that the Packers are working on an extension to make him the highest-paid receiver in the history of football, last night we got a very Stefon Diggs post.

While most Wisconsin fans were busy celebrating a Milwaukee Bucks title that is still hard to believe, Adams took to his story and posted this.

Could this be about his feud with the neighbor? Maybe. Could this be him frustrated with the service at his favorite restaurant? Maybe. Could this be about literally anything in the entire world? Of course. But this is the playbook. We’ve seen this exact cryptic tweet so many times before from so many other disgruntled athletes. It’s not a stretch to assume that this has something to do with his contract discussions.

As anyone who’s ever worked a job before knows, contract discussions are not easy. I’m sure that’s the case for athletes as well. They want to complain, they want to vent, and they want to get what they want. So it’s not surprising when somebody lets off a little steam on social media.

But let’s leave it there. At the steam.

This team needs to get out in front and get this damn deal done. Regardless of how the Aaron Rodgers debacle is solved, Davante Adams needs to be in Green Bay for the long haul, and every Buddy in this state needs a break from player versus the organization drum.

Get it done, Packers. We want to see Davante Adams curling babies, not dramatically sub-posting.

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