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Jason La Canfora Destroys Packers Management Over Rodgers Situation

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It seems as though anyone who has ever even heard about the game of football has an opinion on the Aaron Rodgers saga. The opinions range from plugged-in insiders to Rodgers’ inner circle to extremely frustrated fans. It’s hard to tell which, if any, of them carry any weight. But when a high-end NFL expert lays into an organization in extreme detail and puts their reputation on the line, you can bet there’s some smoke to that fire.

Well, Jason La Canfora just dropped a devastating piece about Green Bay‘s management of the situation. He pulls absolutely no punches:

It’s like they think their fans and “shareholders” are fools. It’s like they can’t help themselves, getting in their little shots and playing their little passive-aggressive games and providing fodder and fuel at a time when they should be showing grace and class, behind the scenes and in front of the camera. Is this some kind of game for Murphy? Is the Packers president and CEO enjoying this far too much? Fair questions to ask after the latest antics out of Green Bay.

We know this much, any idea that Murphy and Co. would somehow be taking the high road in this soap opera has long been expunged. Not possible, it seems. It’s as if these suits whose ham-handed actions and tactless approach to the drafting of Jordan Love – that initiated this inevitable ugly exit by Rodgers – think they are some kind of victim. And in their haste to play that card Murphy continues to speak out of turn and make sophomoric comments that can only exacerbate this showdown.

Let me offer them some really simple advice. Shouldn’t have to say it, but I guess I do: Keep his name out your mouth. Don’t speak about him, or write about him, especially unprompted. The less you say and do in the public eye, the better. Have you been paying attention the last 15 years? Did the debacle with Brett Favre‘s exodus teach you nothing?

We all know the situation isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. And though the last few weeks had given Packer fans hope that this was more media bias than it was reality, a piece like this from such a highly-respected expert is concerning in the other direction.

This is just the tip of the iceberg. La Canfora goes all out in his criticism of the Packers.

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