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Keyshawn Johnson Brings Some Sanity to The Jordan Love Preseason Conversation

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Every time someone gets worked up about Jordan Love’s preseason prospects and what they mean for the future of the franchise I want to sit them down and force them to watch Aaron Rodgers’ famous press conference.

Look, I get it. Aaron Rodgers and this entire situation gets clicks and reads. This thing is going to be broken down 10 million ways by 100 million people. Maybe I am exhausted from the last six months of drama or maybe Rogers’ long hair, guitar, and Hawaii vibes are rubbing off on me but I’m just not interested in the theatrics. I just want a reality based conversation.

Jordan love could have the greatest preseason in the history of the NFL or one of the worst and the honest truth is it likely wouldn’t change the organizations long term opinion of him. They believe in him. They are behind him. There is a massive investment here that the team will see through. This preseason will not have a major influence on that.

But it doesn’t matter if I’m in vacation Rogers mode, the talking heads on the national networks will beat this thing to death. They’ve labeled it the Summer of Love, which we all know no one locally is using. They ask ridiculous leading questions that can only be answered with dramatic answers.

Fortunately for Packer fans there is one man in the national media who actually has a sane and rational thought process about the entire ordeal. Keyshawn Johnson.

On ESPN‘s popular morning show Keyshawn, Jwill, and Zubin he was pushed into a question about if this was maybe the most important player in the entire NFL‘s preseason. Keyshawn brought some reality to the conversation:

I think it’s important to the franchise and Jordan love, but it’s not even about Aaron Rodgers leaving. Whether Aaron Rodgers leaves or not, they need to know what they have at the number two spot. Because Aaron Rodgers has missed time in the past due to injury. And when he has missed time you saw the back ups.

Let’s not even talk about the future, they have to know what they’ve got as a back up and I think a lot of people are missing that. When they’re talking about the summer of love and all those other things. No we just need to know what he is in case Aaron Rodgers misses time because he’s missed time in the past. I can’t grade 2022 based on three games in the preseason.

Thank you Keyshawn. This is the sort of thinking Packer fans can get behind. Aaron Rodgers is the quarterback this season and the only thing that we need to worry about with Jordan Love is whether or not he’s ready to be the back up this year. This is a Super Bowl team and Super Bowl teams need good back ups. Let’s focus on that right now and worry about the soap opera that the media loves so much when the seasons over. Can he step in if Rogers is hurt. He is not going to prove he’s ready for 2022 in the 2021 pre season.

We have a star quarterback, and a young prospect. It’ll be fun to see how Jordan love performs in the preseason but let’s all take a step back and just enjoy the process, and understand whats really at stake.

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