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Lil Wayne Drops an Absolute Gem for the Packers Playoff Run

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The last time the Green Bay Packers hoisted the Lombardi Trophy was in the 2010-11 season. The last time Lil Wayne dropped a Packers themed song was for the 2010 playoff run. What am I trying to say after Young Weezy dropped a new rendition of “Green and Yellow” last night? You do the math.

First off, if you can’t vibe with this song, click the “X” at the top of the post by your browser source and have yourself a dandy of a day.

“I’m screaming 9-2 and that’s for life/That’s for Reverend Reggie White, rest in Paradise.”

“Uh pack him up, I know Preston Smith gon’ tackle him/I know Za’Darius Smith gon’ back him up

“And you know Darnell a Savage bro/Got Mason Crosby, the kick is good.”

Mason Crosby has hit some massive kicks in his career including game-winners in the postseason. He’s hit clutch kicks in the snow, rain, it doesn’t matter. Him hearing his name in a Weezy song goes at the top of his damn resume when he hangs up the cleats (I’m being sarcastic, kind of).

**Live look at Mason Crosby on a vibe listening to his own name in a Lil Wayne song.**

I appreciate that Weezy was able to incorporate Packers legends like Bart Starr, Paul Hornung, Reggie White and Vince Lombardi in this song. It makes me want to run through a brick wall that much more listening to it. It’s a conservative estimate when I say I’ve listened to this song approximately a dozen times already.

If you’re mad about this so far let’s narrow it down:

  1. You hate the Packers.
  2. You’re upset your team doesn’t have someone like Lil Wayne showing up with a banger like this.
  3. You don’t enjoy a good time.

It’s okay. I understand.

“Yeah boy, we ’bout to be in Tampa hype/And whoever play the Packers, hope you packing light/You flying back tonight, back to life.”

Inject it directly into my veins, tattoo it on my forehead and have me look like a real jerk, I don’t care. There’s certain verses in songs that perk the ears up a tad bit more and this was one of them. After hearing that verse numerous times, I envisioned a dejected Jalen Ramsey and Jared Goff boarding the plane back to Los Angeles with light snow flurries falling at the airport in the land of cheese after the Packers slapped the life out of them at Lambeau Field.

Was that sentence too long? I don’t care.

The original “Green and Yellow” in 2010 was near impossible to top. I’d like to keep the two separate and appreciate both of them and their greatness. Don’t make us pick between the two. It was a perfect way to get fired up in 2010 for the playoffs and it’s the cherry on top entering today’s affair with the Rams.

Even Packers players chimed in:

IT. IS. GAMEDAY. If you aren’t fully invested now and aren’t willing to be crushed, don’t board the train. The Packers playoff run starts today. Let’s ride.

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