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Packers Coach Trash Talks Vikings Play-By-Play Announcer After Loss

It appears that the Vikings Packers rivalry has extended beyond the players and coaching staff to members of the media crew. After Minnesota’s thrilling 34-31 win, some tension occurred between the voice of the Vikings, Paul Allen, and an unnamed Packers Coach.

On Vikings Gameday, as Allen, Ben Leber, and Gabe Henderson were about to wrap up the show with their Between The Lines segment, a Packers coach told Allen, “You better not talk into that microphone and give your team any credit.” Something that, according to Allen, has never happened in his 2 decades of covering the team.

Allen then proceeded to feign taking the high road saying, “I’m gonna take the high road on it and say I’m very impressed by the Green Bay Packers, finding a way to win 8 games despite all those injuries, A-Rodg’s toe, Covid, Lying, and everything. I’m not going to say to that coach what I wanted to say like ‘you can go ahead and put Eric Stokes on Justin Jefferson for the rest of his career, and like he did in 2019 when he was with LSU and Stokes was with Georgia, he [Jefferson] killed him, and he killed him today, and he will kill him every single time they meet.”

Allen ended his remarks bluntly saying “Best of luck to you guys the rest of the way, and quite honestly, I hope you lose every single freaking game the rest of the year.”

Watch the full video below:

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