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Packers Fans: Stop Acting Like Bears and Vikings Fans

Photo credit: Mike De Sisti (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel)

When I browse social media, do you know how many Minnesota Vikings fans talk crap about the Packers by showing pictures, GIFs, and clips of Anthony Barr tackling Aaron Rodgers and breaking his collarbone? Classless. Chicago Bears fans aren’t that intelligent, but their usual go-to is that we’ve only won two Super Bowls in 20 years with two amazing quarterbacks when they haven’t had any. Valid point, but still not smart smack talk.

So when Packers fans do things out of character that division rivals would do, it makes me embarrassed to be a Green Bay fan.

I am not “triggered” or being a “snowflake.” I am annoyed at what Packers fans are doing to their own team right now. As fans, we should be united. Look what Milwaukee Bucks fans just did: created the hashtag #BucksIn6 and helped make it a reality. Chanted Bobby Portis’ name. Took over the deer district. They weren’t tearing down their players because of a chaotic offseason.

The Beer Tap

Earlier this week, a bar in Manitowoc revealed a custom Packers tap. The Fat Seagull (terrible name) revealed this via Facebook:

My issue with this tap is that it just isn’t creative or funny. It doesn’t make sense. “Cry Baby 12”? What has Aaron Rodgers cried about? There isn’t one clip of him crying or whining about anything. If saying the culture in Green Bay needs to change when talking with Kenny Mayne on EPSN is crying, we need to re-examine our definition of crying.

Being unhappy with your bosses isn’t anything new. So now, because he gets paid lots of money, that means he is a cry baby? It could have been so much better. Cry Baby 12 doesn’t even rhyme. Aaron’s Tears? Down with 12? How about 12 Come Back? Something fun or positive?

I understand it’s a joke. It was done to gain attention, and that is what they got. I’m sure plenty of people agree with that and love to pile on Aaron Rodgers. How dare he have some issues after being one of the best quarterbacks of all time? All he did was bring another Super Bowl to Green Bay and help keep the team in the playoffs for a decade or so. Derp derp.

Bad For Packers Fans

Besides the lack of originality or humor, it makes Packers fans look bad. What other team has their own state going after their quarterback with insulting beer taps? I am pretty sure there isn’t a Yuengling tap in Cincinnati called “Joe’s Broken Leg” or a “We Might Win 5” nozzle in Detroit.

It just shows how spoiled Packers fans are. We’ve had a winning team now for decades. There have been a few bad seasons in between. But when your team goes to back-to-back NFC Championships, you shouldn’t immediately create a custom tap for your bar that attacks your own team’s quarterback. When you focus on that, what does it benefit?

It’s not like Rodgers would see it or care, but does doing things like this help the Green Bay culture? It’s almost proving Aaron’s point about Green Bay and the organization needing to adapt and change. What would be the reaction of Packers’ fans if a Minnesota bar released a “CollarBone BARRberry Sour?” Would it be equally as hilarious?

This seems like an “old man yells at cloud” moment, but it’s nothing as cranky as having a bar tap made to go after a Packers quarterback. It makes Packers fans seem like spoiled brats. And maybe we are. Yes, this is a harmless joke that was made in good fun. But this is the type of stuff other fan bases do with their terrible teams. Chicago should have a “Mitch’s Brew” and have it be Bud Light because tastes like overrated garbage. Minnesota should have a “Kissing Your Cousin Ale” because Kirk is a weirdo. I already gave you a Detroit one.

Do you see how much more fun it is to go after someone else? This attacking people or players because they don’t act the way you want them to is bizarre. To turn on a dime on Rodgers because of one uncomfortable offseason is not ideal fan behavior. We are all sick of the drama, but being drama queens ourselves doesn’t help the cause. Again, I just wish it was a better name. Jokes are obviously subjective. It’s just that, in this case, it’s a swing and a miss if you have a real sense of humor. Bring on training camp.

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