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Let's Face It: We Have to Cheer for the Bears This Weekend

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I am disgusted. Nothing about this makes me happy. But the Green Bay Packers are a really good team this year. There is a good chance they can get to the Super Bowl and win the whole darn thing.

What would make that path easier? The Chicago Bears need to beat the New Orleans Saints and come to Lambeau Field to face the Packers.

OK, I just went and threw up and can do this now.

I know that the standard playoff thinking is that you don’t want to play anyone in your division a third time. You’ve seen the same team twice already during the season, and nothing should really surprise you about your opponent anymore. Division games are always tough. But let’s face it, New Orleans is a much better team than the Bears. Plus, this is a brand new playoff structure, and everything will be different this year.

There is only one team with a bye in the NFC: The Packers. And the lowest seed left after the first round of playoffs plays the Packers. And as much as I hope Washington beats the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, I will still have to root for the Bears this weekend.

Chicago’S 2020 Season

The Bears ended the 2020 season at 8-8. They lost twice to the Packers: Once at Lambeau on Nov. 29 and again in Week 17 on Jan. 3 at Soldier Field. The Packers outscored the Bears 76-36 in those two games.

Chicago only beat one playoff team this year, Tampa Bay. That was a huge win for them, and something the Packers can’t say they did. But that was it. They lost to the Packers, Saints, Los Angeles Rams, Indianapolis Colts, and the Tennessee Titans. The season also included a six-game losing streak from Oct. 26 to Dec. 6.

The Bears technically backed into the playoffs. And that is a possible blessing for Green Bay.

we don’t want the saints

Drew Brees still isn’t 100%, but that isn’t holding the Saints back right now.

They still went 12-4 on the year after Brees missed four games. Chicago’s defense has a real chance to get after Brees. And even if he isn’t fully healthy, they still have Taysom Hill.

Hill isn’t Brees, but he works for their offense. You can’t deny the results. Yes, a play with Hill might have cost New Orleans their game against the Packers, but we don’t need to bring that up, right? Alvin Kamara is always a huge threat if he can play. The Saints also have a legitimate top-five defense.

But, it is still a team with their QB1 playing through injury and their WR1 not playing. Michael Thomas being out most of this year was sad to see, and I never like to see an elite receiver not play to their full potential — I still feel bad that Calvin Johnson never got a chance with a great team.

The Packers beat the Saints during the regular season, winning 37-30 in New Orleans on Week 3. Green Bay could definitely beat them again, but they are a dangerous team. And this could easily be Brees’ last year, so you know the Saints will not go quietly out of the playoffs. They are a lot more dangerous inside of Lambeau.

Let’s Go Chicago

Cheering on the Chicago Bears is the right thing to do. It gives the Packers an easier path to the Super Bowl. An 8-8 rival team still lost four more games than the Saints. I believe the Packers can beat anyone in the NFC, but no one wants Tampa Bay or New Orleans coming into Green Bay if they don’t have to.

Chicago winning would bring nothing but good things. It could lead to keeping Matt Nagy as head coach. They might re-sign Mitchell Trubisky to a new and expensive deal! That’s way better than the Bears bringing in someone like Carson Wentz or drafting a talented quarterback next year.

And here’s the thing: I don’t mind Trubisky. I want him to do well, just not against the Packers, and not well enough to win the NFC North. He was a Packers fan growing up. It is well documented.

Will I be miserable cheering on the Bears? Yes! Will it be easier to cheer on the Washington Football Team? Of course! The Alex Smith story! The ridiculous name! The fact that it’s so easy to hate Tom Brady! Washington has it all. But I still think the Bears winning is better for Green Bay.

Rodgers is a Bears Killer

The main reason I am not concerned with facing Chicago again? The likely MVP is currently on the Packers. That’s Aaron Rodgers.

The Bears’ defense might be a little better than Green Bay’s, but not against Rodgers. He has thrown for 451 yards, eight touchdowns and no interceptions against Chicago this season. He has only been sacked once, even with David Bakhtiari out and not playing during their second meeting in Week 17.

The man is on a mission. He has 4,299 yards, 48 touchdowns and five interceptions this season. He is the top MVP candidate. And yes, most times the MVP doesn’t win the Super Bowl. But that could change this year.

So for this weekend, let’s “Bear Down” and hope Chicago can beat New Orleans.

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