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Packers' Marcedes Lewis Defends Aaron Rodgers Reputation

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Just about everyone has had an opinion about Aaron Rodgers this year. Sides were taken for and against Rodgers when he contemplated retirement and a desire to play elsewhere due to frustrations with the front office. He was right back in the spotlight after his entire COVID fiasco was made known, where he duped many into believing he was vaccinated. Still, nobody knows him quite like some of his teammates in the locker room. It’s a small group that includes Marcedes Lewis.

The veteran tight end recently appeared on The Herd with Colin Cowherd and revealed how he believes Rodgers is geared to handle some aspects of that spotlight.

Comparing Rodgers to Michael Jordan, Cowherd brought up his belief that Rodgers is so talented that he gets bored and likes to create conflict while staying centered. Lewis agreed and went on to defend his quarterback’s reputation.

“No it’s not crazy. Unless you’re there with him, obviously the media and news they have certain perspectives based on things they’ve heard. So you have preconceived notions based on friends of friends or or just media colleagues talking about certain things but, you don’t really know unless you’re there with him and I think he knows that and he likes that. He likes that you don’t really know him. He’s able to navigate the way he navigates because ‘what are you saying, based on what? You’re not with me everyday.’ I think he feeds off that.”

It’s obvious how close Rodgers and Lewis have become since the tight end joined the team in 2018. Rodgers has long praised Lewis for his work ethic and his leadership in the locker room, and it shows.

This summer, Packers president Mark Murphy called Rodgers “a complicated fella,” which appears to be the case. But Rodgers seems to prefer it. As Lewis said, Rodgers feeds off the media making these preconceived notions about him.

Lewis himself comes off cool as a cucumber. That dude is the epitome of the “California cool” vibe, and it shows in all his appearances. He got into a blocking stance on the set and showed Cowherd exactly how he executes his looks as a run blocker, explaining it in detail. And as far as his typical Tuesday nights in Green Bay? Lewis says he’ll check out a movie by himself, order some takeout, and just kick it.

Green Bay is lucky to have him in the locker room and part of this roster. The stats don’t jump out, but the presence is felt big time and sends waves across the rest of the team.

As far as Rodgers goes, keep drawing up the assumptions; he enjoys the cat-and-mouse game. The full Lewis interview is below, and it’s great.

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