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Ryen Russillo Says What Most Packer Fans Are Thinking About Aaron Rodgers

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There is maybe no person on earth who has covered the Aaron Rodgers story more than Colin Cowherd. Every single day. Here’s why Rogers is right. Here’s why Rodgers is wrong. Here’s why the Packers are right. Here’s why the Packers are wrong. Here’s why the Packers are NSYNC and Aaron Rodgers is Justin Timberlake. It never ends.

Most of what you get from Cowherd, his guests, and every other national media member is the opinion that Aaron is valid in his frustrations. Rarely do you get someone who thinks like the Packer faithful and says, Wait a second. Are you sure about that?

Well, today Russillo was on The Herd and said the following:

If you had a best friend, right, a guy you grew up with and the families are friends. You’re married, he’s married, everybody gets along, and he said, “Hey, I think I’m gonna leave my wife.”

You’re like “Woah, okay. Well, do you have any specifics?”

“Nah, you know I’m just not feeling it.”

You’d be like, “Okay, if you’re gonna blow up your family here, I need to be convinced a little bit. I’m supporting you, I get it, things change. I just need specifics.”

And this entire Aaron Rodgers saga has been rather vague. I like Aaron Rogers. I clearly like him more than you. But this Packers team is a Super Bowl contender. It’s not like he’s been with a team here for a decade-plus that’s never had any chance.

I get it, Rodgers is really special, and now he wants to move on. But this entire saga, Colin, I feel like, I need … you’re playing the victim? Convince me you’re the victim. Okay? Convince me you’re the victim. Because just drafting Jordan Love and not getting a head’s up is not enough to do this to the franchise that’s supported him. To do this to his teammates who, for the most part really like him.

Okay, cool, you want out. And you do all these vague things. I need something more specific. He can clearly leak it to anybody in the media that he wants to, but this entire timeline, Colin, I’m just not all that convinced that he’s as aggrieved as he portrays to be.

As the kids would say: “This. All of this.”

This is the perfect summarization of what a lot of Packer fans are feeling. We get it, you’re mad. But you’re not giving us a good enough reason to be on your side. Give us a reason to help us understand. Help us support you.

Everything Aaron Rodgers has done up until this point — leaking stuff, joking about it at a golf match, etc. — has done absolutely nothing to endear any fan to him. And if he truly wants the organization to do things differently and act differently, all he would need was the fans on his side. Give us a reason.

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