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The Packers Should Pull the Trigger on Dez Bryant

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It’s no secret, Aaron Rodgers is frustrated. He is fed up with the front office and the organization. If extreme action is not taken soon, Rodgers may be as good as gone.

Despite all the other actions that need to be taken to keep Rodgers happy, there is one cheap and easy way to show him that the front office is listening — and that would be signing Dez Bryant.

Look, we all know Dez is a shadow of his former self. There would be practically no chance of him returning to the player he was with the Dallas Cowboys. However, signing Dez as a supplemental piece to the offense would be a huge step in the right direction.

Last season, Baltimore desperately needed a WR1. They decided to take a chance on Dez, who had been out of the league since 2017. He certainly was nowhere near as productive as a WR1, but he has his moments that reminded Ravens fans of the player he once was.

Though his time with the Ravens was mostly remembered for a random COVID-19 test, he still totaled six receptions for 47 yards and two touchdowns in just six games played — and most of that production came in one game against the Tennessee Titans. Though he didn’t pan out as the WR1 in Baltimore, he proved he could still be a valuable NFL receiver last season.

Dez would be signed as a WR3 for the Packers. Having Davante Adams, arguably the best receiver in the NFL, makes anyone else be a second or third option. Outside of Adams, the Packers have Allen Lazard, Marquez Valdes-Scantling and the just-drafted Amari Rodgers. There aren’t many other options the Packers have at receiver right now, hence Rodgers’ frustration. Adding Dez to this room would not look like much of an improvement on paper, but the impact he would make would go a long way.

Dez has been in the NFL since 2010 and has a strong veteran presence. Adding a receiver who can dissect NFL defenses and help younger players is always a positive. Aside from Adams, the Packers don’t have a player like that in their relatively young WR room.

Also, just adding the name “Dez Bryant” is enough to turn heads. Although he is nowhere near the player, he used to be, having him on the field demands attention wherever he lines up. He will draw attention away from Adams and the other wide receivers, allowing more explosive plays. If Rodgers put up an MVP season with defenses zoning in on Adams, imagine how much more he could do if defenses weren’t just focused on him?

And I would be remiss not to mention that it is so rare to get a player with this talent level for near a league minimum. The Packers are a team pressed in the salary cap, but they can squeeze Dez in. What’s there to lose? In the worst-case scenario, he becomes a backup receiver on the roster for cheap. There is nothing to lose.

Not only would signing Dez be cheap, but it would also engage the fanbase. We all know that the Packers have made virtually no big-name signings these last few years, and though this may seem small compared to what the fanbase’s expectations are every offseason, it would still at least be something. I’m sure Packers fans would love to buy a number 88 jersey and throw up the X.

You may be asking yourself now, how would signing a receiver who missed the 2018 and 2019 seasons and only played in six games last year help Rodgers? I can already see Packers Twitter going up in flames if this would happen.

On the surface, it could seem like a half-hearted attempt to win back Rodgers: Here, take this washed-up receiver we signed for virtually nothing. We’re sorry. Look, this attempt more than likely would not mend the relationship whatsoever. However, this, combined with other actions, could be the spark to win back Green Bay’s prodigal son.

This move has quite literally no risk involved. If anything, the aforementioned worst-case scenario would still help the Packers drastically. Signing Dez could be one of the first (and easiest) actions that they could take to win back Rodgers.

The front office is in a predicament. If they want to start climbing their way out of it, this would be a great way to start.

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