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Wait, What Did Darnell Mooney Just Say?

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Chicago Bears wide receiver Darnell Mooney was recently asked what seemed to be a simple, run-of-the-mill interview question heading into the Green Bay Packers game this weekend. What do you think of the Packers-Bears rivalry? Seems like a pretty standard question that he should be expecting heading into this weekend. Most players would have offered a hackneyed response. “I love the energy” or “I’m looking forward to it.”

Instead, Mooney decided to respond by saying, “First of all, it’s Bears-Packers….”

If that flew over your head, Mooney flipped the listing of Packers-Bears to Bears-Packers, implying a lot about this series.

Mooney knew what he was doing, and he inadvertently lighted a fire under the Packers’ fanbase. Every Green and Gold keyboard warrior furiously went to Google to research Packers-Bears statistics to show Mooney how wrong he is. Unfortunately for the Bears, not much research even needs to be done for this one. Every Packers fan — hell, every NFL fan — knows that this rivalry has been completely one-sided for as long as some young fans (including me) can remember.

We’re about to have a field day; strap in for this one.

To get the statistic that matters the most out of the way: Since 2010, the Bears have only beaten the Packers four times. I repeat, four times. They play each other twice a year. They have only bested Green Bay 12 times since 2000. Chicago’s longest win streak against the Packers is two games in that stretch. Green Bay’s longest streak? Seven. Wanna talk about bad? I would say it’s kinda sad that the NFL’s oldest rivalry has gotten this non-competitive.

If you want to look at the all-time history, it doesn’t get any better for the Bears. The Packers lead the all-time win series against the Bears, 101-95-6. Keep in mind that the Packers didn’t have a lead in the all-time series from 1933 to 2016. Talk about blowing a lead.

It’s not a surprise, given each team’s quarterback situation historically.

The Bears have had 34 starting quarterbacks during the Brett Favre-Aaron Rodgers era. Chicago’s best quarterback during that time? Jay Cutler. Cutler made 12 starts against Green Bay and went 2-10, throwing 22 interceptions and only recording 10 touchdowns.

The Packers have only used three starting quarterbacks against the Bears since 1992: Favre, Rodgers, and Brett Hundley. Even Hundley won against the Bears in his lone start.

Unsurprisingly, the Bears have come up short against the Packers on the biggest stage. Green Bay beat Chicago 21-14 in the 2011 NFC Championship. Cutler ended up getting “hurt” and even booed by his own fans at Soldier Field. If you can’t finish on one of the biggest stages against your greatest rival, do you really have a claim to own this series?

Now that we’ve looked at the history, let’s look at Mooney himself. Does he have a reason to flex here? Maybe he’s put up some great receiving numbers or torched the Packers’ defense for a long touchdown.


In Mooney’s two games against the Packers, he has compiled 14 receptions for 127 yards and no touchdowns. Chicago lost both games.

It baffles me that this statement even crossed his mind. These comments only add fuel to the fire. We all know that the locker room will use this as motivation this Sunday.

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