Footnotes | The History Of the Minnesota Vikings, Part 3

The Minnesota Vikings were a dynasty from 1972 to 1978, capturing six-straight division titles and winning the NFC three times. Fran Tarkenton returned, and they looked like a contender in ’72 — only to finish .500. Sound familiar?

But while they ran into a powerhouse Miami Dolphins team a year later, they had a real shot at beating the Pittsburgh Steelers in ’74. They were an antagonist nationally by the time they returned to the Super Bowl in 1976, though. Luke Braun breaks it down in detail in the latest installment of his documentary on the history of the Vikings.

From Luke:

With Fran Tarkenton‘s return in 1972, we embarked on a six-year journey in which the Vikings were the crown jewel of the NFC. They owned the entire conference. And yet, they’re still just a footnote in the story of the NFL in the ’70s. When you think of the 1970s NFL, you’ll think of the Dolphins and Steelers and Cowboys. And those legacies all stand on the back of Minnesota Vikings losses. We all have a lot of fond nostalgia for Alan Page and Chuck Foreman and Paul Krause. Now, it’s time to watch them hit their limit, and ask what kind of legacy that produces.

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