Former Vikings Quarterback Weighs In On Kirk Cousins Situation

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Heading into the final week of the Vikings season all focus was on Mike Zimmer and Rick Spielman. Who, if anybody, would remain after the Bears game ended? On Monday Vikings fans got their answer as both Zimmer and Spielman were dismissed. As the conversation in Minnesota now shifts to potential candidates for both positions, the third name in Minnesota’s polarizing trio is coming to the forefront, Kirk Cousins.

Will he fit with the new staff? Will the new staff even want him? Should they trade him? Should they extend him? Opinions will certainly not be in short demand.

Former Vikings quarterback Sean Salisbury appeared on The Dan Patrick Show on Monday and via a conversation about Baker Mayfield made his opinions of cousins very clear.

Salisbury, once a top ESPN analyst and now radio personality, routinely makes appearances on some of the nation’s biggest shows. While breaking down the Mayfield situation in Cleveland, Patrick asked point blank “would you rather have cousins in Cleveland?” Salisbury responded.

“No. No. Cousins is a numbers guy, and I’ve always said that I respect him,and hes played better this year but Cousins is a numbers guy andwhere3 can you get me in January but cousins is the guy little any type out of this year but the January?…Can{you} be the guy for a month “well i’m gonna load you up on my back?” There’s a handful of those guys that can get you to February and Cousins I think he’ll go in there and throw for 4,000 yards and 30 touchdowns, but at the end of the day you sometimes feel like he’s like Xbox you want to throw your controller against the wall. Is he that guy? Can you elevate when the guys around you a like an offensive line struggles? Can you do this in Cleveland?…It’s a lateral move Mayfield for Cousins. I don’t think you’re growing your team.”

This is the exact sentiment you hear from so many of the Cousins distractors. He’s good but he’s not good enough so what’s the point. The supporters will be quick to point out the lack of options beyond Cousins and what a team without a decent quarterback would look like in Minnesota. Ultimately only time will tell which side of the line the next regime falls on.

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