Mercurial & Indecisive: The History Of The Minnesota Vikings, Part 1

The Minnesota Vikings were conceived in a Block E bar owned by Max Winter. The city has since razed Moby Dick’s, along with many other buildings in what was a seedy part of town. But the Vikings eventually hit the field in 1961, and the rest is history.

Luke Braun brings us from the Prohibition era to the Norm Van Brocklin Vikings. He details how they got their logo and color scheme and goes in-depth on the early days of Fran Tarkenton, Bill Brown, and Jim Marshall. Braun’s documentary is a must-watch for all die-hard Vikings fans.

From Luke:

The history of the Minnesota Vikings is a long, winding story about more than win-loss records or statistical accolades. It’s a story about hope, grief, and everything else that makes us human. Sports are an insulated place to understand it, you’ll need a little context as to how they started.

The inception of the Vikings was the result of backroom dealings, last-minute betrayals, and, of course, a very important Cardinals-Eagles game. But the chaotic personalities who made up the first Vikings set the tone for the next 60 years of football. Who Jim Marshall was, who Carl Eller was, who Fran Tarkenton was, and many, many more set the stage for one of the greatest dynasties to ever grace Minnesota sports.

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