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An Open Apology To David Bakhtiari

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I like to think I’m man enough to admit when I was wrong, and boy oh boy was I wrong.

David Bakhtiari played 70 out of 73 total snaps in the Green Bay Packers overtime win against the New England Patriots on Sunday. And he looked damn good doing it. And this comes a week after he looked damn good in limited duty in Tampa.

I didn’t think we would get back to this point. Bakhtiari’s injury and subsequent rehab have seemingly been a horrific and difficult journey for him as an athlete and as a person. And, although I in no way shape or form would ever compare his experience to that of the fans, as a fan the devastation of losing a future Hall of Famer at left tackle during his prime to an injury smack dab in the middle of a championship window was brutal.

Unfortunately that devastation was followed by the anticipation of his return and then quickly by a great deal of doubt. His short-lived appearance in the 2021 playoffs just gave steam to some of the mystery surrounding his injury and questions about his long-term plans.

With the 2022 season rolling around and Bakhtiari’s status still being guarded like a state secret I, like some fans, began to question when and if Bakhtiari would return. And even if he did would he be anywhere near where he was? I wrote him off. I had trade theories, replacement ideas, and frustrated complaints for any Packers fan who would listen.

I’ve never been so happy to be so wrong.

Fans are passionate and sometimes that passion can lead to unrealistic expectations. Especially in a world where we see damn near miracles in recovery. You see a guy like Adrian Peterson tear his knee up in the middle of the season and the next year he runs for over 2000 yards? We all remember Terrell Owens sleeping in a hyperbaric chamber to return in time for the Super Bowl! Modern medicine and today’s athlete have advanced to such a crazy level that anytime somebody doesn’t meet outrageous standards we so quickly feel like they should be doing better.

Bakhtiari deserved more from me and those who doubted him. He’s everything we want this organization to be.

The right hand man and protector of our favorite quarterback. The guy who buys his quarterback, who’s been the target of national media drama all off-season, a brand new golf cart and then rolls around Green Bay in it to remind everybody that this is still the same Packers football and everything is fine.

Watching him crush a beer at a Bucks game is as Wisconsin sports as Wisconsin sports gets.

He’s great in the community, he’s incredible in the locker room, and he’s even better on the field.

David, on behalf of myself and the rogue Packers fans who doubted, I am sorry. It was so great to see you out there doing the things that only you can do yesterday. I’m pumped for this teams potential and I’m beyond pumped that I’m an idiot who has no idea what I’m talking about.

Go Pack Go

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