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Bill Simmons Finally Wises Up To The Packers

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Green Bay Packer fans have gotten used to the haters. The past few years, as Aaron Rodgers’ Hall of Fame career has wound down, they have come out of the woodwork to criticize everything from coaching decisions, to former and current general managers, to anything even remotely Rodgers related.

Yes the Green and Gold have been on constant spin on every sports argument show on the planet, and doubting them always seems to be in vogue. Rodgers even addressed the constant doubting after Wednesday’s practice.

If one were to make a Mount Rushmore of mainstream media Packer haters, I don’t know if Bill Simmons would be the most prominent face on the mountain but he certainly would be one of the four being carved.

Every single season Simmons finds a way to doubt the Packers and criticize Rodgers regardless of the facts. But maybe, just maybe this year he’s learned his lesson.

In an appearance on Mina Kimes Podcast, Simmons didn’t take the bait when discussing the Packers and their potential.

After discussing his belief that this season will reveal how responsible Rodgers was for Davante Adams success, he explained that the Packers are his Super Bowl team:

People are trying to pour dirt on the Packers, or at least in some corners and I’m not going to go there yet. You know because they don’t have receivers. People are making the leap like Minnesota can steal the division.

Here’s my prediction, if they win this game I think they’re going to be undefeated heading into week 8 in Buffalo.

I think they’re the best. They’re the safest bet for the NFC pick. Gun to your head, your life depended on it you have to because the only thing you would say against them would be: I’m worried about the receivers. But you can see the road map where they ride the Jones Dillon combo. Which is an amazing running back combo right? So much flexibility. Those guys can catch out of the backfield, they cann block and it’s Rogers so they’re probably the safest bet.

It wasn’t quite a Lambeau leap, but for a man who spent the better part of the last few years doubting the team it was quite the turnaround.

Kimes, who has the Bucs in the Super Bowl over the Packers, still made a point to also give a ton of credit to the team Green Bay will be putting on the field this year.

I’ve been really high on the Packers defense all offseason. I think they’re going to be really special. I think they have one of the best secondaries in football. I think up front I’m maybe the world’s biggest Kenny Clark fan and they made additions that are going to open things up for him.

Fortunately, we are finally moving from prognosticating and guessing season to actual football season. And although it can be nice to see the so-called experts finally have some faith in your favorite team, what will be far more nice is when they go out and do what everybody knows they’re capable of.

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