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Don't Expect Quick Answers On Green Bay's Toughest Decisions

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The Green Bay Packers’ regular-season dominance meant fans could ignore the uncertainty the offseason would bring, at least for a while. The Packers’ special teams decided enough was enough, and it was time to start that process immediately.

With Super Bowl dreams once again shattered, speculation runs rampant. While pontificating on free agency and the draft is often fun, Green Bay has a lot on its plate:

  • An MVP quarterback mulling retirement or defection
  • An All-Pro WR on an expiring deal
  • An offensive coordinator who may depart for a new opportunity
  • The need to find a new special teams coordinator (they better do this)
  • An unenviable cap situation
  • And a host of difficult free-agent signings

This team has a staggering amount to deal with in the next few months.

The offense, in particular, is up in the air. Will Aaron Rodgers, Davante Adams, or Nathaniel Hackett return to 1265 Lombardi Ave.? Is Green Bay due for an offensive rebuild, or can the Packers stop the Super Bowl window from closing? Unfortunately for fans, these decisions will take some time, and we shouldn’t expect answers soon.

With Hackett listed as one of the three finalists for the Denver Broncos head coaching job at the time of this writing and still in contention for the same position in Jacksonville, he may be the first domino to fall. Should Hackett take the job, there’s a good chance he could take some of Green Bay’s offensive staff with him. Luke Getsy also interviewed for Denver’s HC job. If Hackett gets the job, he could bring Getsy as his own OC.

Matt LaFleur told reporters that an in-house promotion was in the cards for offensive coordinator should Hackett land the gig. Getsy or Adam Stenavich would make the most sense, and both should see OC offers sooner rather than later. But after Saturday’s heartbreak, LaFleur may want to look outside the organization for a new perspective and a chance for growth. Will Green Bay’s offense be a natural evolution of what it’s looked like so far, or will a fresh face change things up? Regardless, expect LaFleur to take his time interviewing candidates if needed.

The composers of the plan may be different in 2022. But that pales in comparison to who may orchestrate the offense on the field. Rodgers made it clear he would not drag the decision of his NFL future out like his predecessor. But with Saturday’s loss fresh in mind, he understandably needs some time to decide what’s best for himself.

On his weekly Pat McAfee Show appearance, Rodgers said he wanted to decide well before free agency. “To stretch it out past free agency would be disrespectful to the organization,” Rodgers declared, “and that 100% will not happen.”

With so much of the franchise’s future in question, this timeline works well for Rodgers and the Packers. Rodgers’ decision directly determines what Green Bay can do in free agency, including who they can keep from their talent pool. And should Rodgers decide he wants to go to a different team, he and Brian Gutekunst can work on a decision best for both parties.

For the record, LaFleur made it clear that every facet of the organization wants Rodgers to return in 2022 as their starting quarterback. “I want to be respectful of his process,” he said. “We’d love for him to be a Packer and be a Packer until the day he decides to retire.”

Rodgers was not great in the game against San Francisco, but don’t let recency bias fool you. He’s coming off back-to-back MVP seasons, and his performance in the playoffs is much better than pundits would have you believe. Rodgers is playing Hall of Fame football, and the decision rests with him.

Rodgers pointed to Adams’ potential franchise tag and the timeline involved. No. 12 and No. 17’s fates will inevitably be linked. Should Rodgers desire a change of scenery, Adams may want to tag along and continue their Hall of Fame careers together. If Rodgers stays, maybe Adams gives a small hometown discount, but that seems unlikely.

The Packers may be in cap hell, but Russ Ball is a financial wizard. There is absolutely a scenario where Rodgers and Adams return without entirely gutting the team. I don’t know what it is, but no one should ask for my financial advice anyway. Whether an Adams or Rodgers decision comes first is uncertain, as both teammates may influence each other in the coming months. Either way, don’t expect an answer until after the Super Bowl.

LaFleur made his intentions clear on the state of the 2022 Green Bay Packers. “There’s no plan for a rebuild,” he told reporters in his end-of-season media availability. And, if it’s up to him, that’s likely true. But a new offensive coordinator, quarterback, and top receiving threat are all possibilities in the near future. LaFleur may have more influence than fans do, but he’ll be playing the same waiting game as the rest of us to see what his offense looks like next season.

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