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Peter King Floats Potential Aaron Rodgers Trade Partner

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Peter King is the best of the best when it comes to NFL journalism. No drama, no clickbait, just an old school football writer who writes about football. His column on the Monday Morning Quarterback is a weekly must read and his appearances on ProFootballTalk and The Dan Patrick Show are usually fantastic.

Over the last few years very few national analysts, not named Pat McAfee, have formed as strong of a connection with Aaron Rodgers as King. On his annual training camp stop, King usually gets the best out of the future Hall of Famer heading into the season.

Now King is suggesting he might have to travel to somewhere other than Green Bay to talk to Rodgers.

“I think it might not be altogether nonsensical to consider trading Rodgers to Las Vegas for Derek Carr and a third-round pick,” King suggested in his weekly column. “Might being the most important word there. Miles to go before you reach a decision like that, but it has crossed my mind.”

On ProFootballTalk Live King dissected the Jordan Love situation. Using the Packers “continuum” methodology as opposed to how the Rams run their organization, he discussed playing time for this season and the future of the two quarterbacks.

King isn’t the only one to suggest a Rodgers to Las Vegas connection. Stugotz, co-host of the Dan LeBatard Show, recently said “I don’t think he finishes his career in Green Bay, I think he’s got another stop, I think he’s gonna go to Las Vegas, either Las Vegas or San Francisco, I do. I think he’s going to force his way out of there.”

With Rodgers contract it’s hard to see a trade happening, but with the state of the team and Rodgers approach anything is Possible this offseason.

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