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Leroy Butler Gives Grim Prediction For Aaron Rodgers And Jets

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As the world sits and waits for Green Bay and New York to work through the details of their blockbuster Aaron Rodgers trade, the Packer’s fan base attempts to work through its feelings about the Hall Of Famer’s departure. Although most Cheeseheads are unified behind Jordan Love as their quarterback, many remain divided on their feelings about the way Rodgers has handled his business. Rodgers’ recent interview on The Pat McAfee Show didn’t help narrow this divide.

Packers legend and Green Bay media member LeRoy Butler is, like many of you, struggling with the way everything went down. In a recent exclusive interview with TMZ Butler didn’t hold back on his belief about Rodger’s future in New York.

“Ya’ll ain’t going to no Super Bowl.” Butler said of the Jets. “I’m going to say this…I was on a team that went to two Super Bowls — your team gotta be close…I don’t know if Aaron Rodgers is going to be there the whole offseason to gel with the top Rookie of the Year wide receiver… I don’t know if he’s going to be there to go to the clubs with Breece Hall. I don’t know…And then, you have to waffle again if he wants to play for 2024.”

The team building and chemistry concern is in line not only with most fans but also the Packers front office as they considered what a future with Rodgers would’ve looked like.

Butler also didn’t like Rodger’s comments about where he was at before entering his darkness retreat, the whole 90% sure he would retire and 10% play again or for the Jets thing. The former safety thought playing for Green Bay would’ve been more prominent in 12’s mind and process. “That caught me by surprise. I think a guy that had been there that long maybe he would have been 50% retired 50% play for the Packers and maybe you’re open to another thing. Then you would’ve been covered but [saying] that…felt like a kick in the groin. You’ve been here forever and you went through the Brett Favre thing and you know this fanbase. So that was a little disappointing.”

Butler believes Rodgers may have handled the situation poorly, even saying some of the quarterback’s words have come across as “disrespectful.” He clearly still thinks Rodgers is an all World Talent at one point saying “you can blindfold Aaron flat-footed, and he’ll hit a mosquito” but, like most of the fan base, he has grown tired of Rodgers process.

Butler added the whole situation will lead to the Jets only winning eight games in 2023. And as for his Packers? Butler believes Green Bay will win 9 or 10 and is all the way on board with Jordan Love. “We’re all on board,” the former Green Bay safety said. “We’re so excited. Thank you, Jets. Shout out Robert Saleh. Thank you! Thank you! Woody Johnson, thank you!”

Watch his full interview by clicking below.

Normally it’s easy to tune out the noise when it comes to the world commenting on the Aaron Rodgers situation, but Leroy Butler has earned the leash to speak on loyalty, respect, and legacy in a way that few if any Packers ever have.

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