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Packers' Rasul Douglas Fires Back At Reporter

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Interacting on social media has become so common these days that it can be easy to forget that it doesn’t actually represent real life. It’s this exact failure that the entire Aaron Rodgers drama has been built upon. A blue checkmark will report or claim something and then all of a sudden all the talking heads are talking about it and then all of the blue checkmarks are tweeting about what the talking heads were talking about. It’s just a big ugly never ending cycle that completely lacks facts and reality.

Gary Ellerson, a respected sports personality for ESPN Wisconsin, took to Twitter to point out what he believed to be an interesting aspect of the Aaron Rodgers situation.

Just thinking bout all these Jets players asking 12 to come join them in New York on social media. Why aren’t 12 teammates asking him to stay here?

At first blush you might think “Yeah that makes sense. What’s going on?” Luckily, Packers safety Rasul Douglas was there to respond and bring reality to the conversation.

“Because we have his number . We can actually text him instead of writing it on social media 😂🤷🏾‍♂️. As our leader he knows how each person on the roster feels about him”

Not only are Douglas’ comments a good reminder to ignore social media BS, but it also serves as another example of Rodgers relationship with the locker room. Sports personalities far and wide will try to convince you of the disconnect between Rodgers and the men he plays with. They want you to think he disrespects his young receivers, doesn’t trust his coaches, and on and on and on. Yet anytime someone tries to push a false narrative about the man and his relationships there’s always a teammate there to defend him.

If you want your best source for Aaron Rodgers updates, it’s Aaron Rodgers. If you’re looking for second best, it’s The Pat McAfee Show. Here’s what he thinks.

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