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Peter King Reveals Big Trade Price For Aaron Rodgers

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Peter King revealed what he believes to be the potential price for Aaron Rodgers and his Monday Morning Quarterback Column on NBC Sports and given Rodgers age it’s bigger than you’d think.

“The fate of Aaron Rodgers. Adam Schefter reported Saturday—with very little couching—about the 39-year-old Rodgers’ future that it’s a “real possibility … Aaron Rodgers is going to be traded” in the off-season. Schefter often puts governors or conditions on his reports, but not so much here about the Packers’ starter for the past 15 seasons. ‘Make no mistake: Both sides are fully aware that a trade is a very real scenario this off-season for Aaron Rodgers,’ Schefter said.

The possibilities are delicious. Rodgers to the Jets, maybe re-teaming with ex-Pack aide Nathaniel Hackett, who has interviewed for the New York offensive coordinator job. Or Rodgers to the Patriots, which seems very Belichickian, to perhaps give Mac Jones two learning seasons in the shadows. Or Rodgers to Vegas, if Tom Brady doesn’t beat him there. Or Rodgers to Seattle, which is seventh in cap room in 2023 and has four picks in the draft’s top 55. You could think of 10 more.

So, how possible is it? Well, consider that Rodgers’ cap numbers in the next two seasons would be $48.3 million, combined. That’s certainly manageable. As for the compensation due Green Bay, my guess is the Pack would want at least two first-round picks. The Woody Johnson Jets, desperate for a star QB almost since the Broadway Joe days, would happily pay that freight, I’d guess. But would Rodgers accept a deal to the Jets? We shall see.”

Peter King knows his stuff. One of the few truly respected journalists in the sport, King has deep connections to both players and organizations. He is one of the few guys outside of Pat McAfee that Aaron Rodgers will really get into it with. If this is what King thinks it takes, this is what it likely will take. As he said the ball is going to be in Rodgers court here. As more and more comes out it’s easy to start to believe that Rodgers will be playing somewhere else next year.

It’s hard to put a price on Rodgers. Had you traded him at the end of last season and the suitor knew they would get at least two years it’s easy to imagine someone who’s ready to win a title selling the farm for him. Matthew Stafford at 32 years old was worth two first round picks, a third round pick and Jared Goff. Now as Rodgers considers retirement every year and is very likely to only play one more season, it’s a little more difficult to mortgage your future for one run at it. Don’t get me wrong, I think Rogers is absolutely worth that and it would be a great deal for the Green and Gold but it’s a little higher than I thought it would be. But that’s why I’m not a GM.

It also now appears like Favre the organization is intent on trading Rodgers out of the NFC.

This entire scenario will be a defining moment for the organization and its current leader Brian Gutekunst. The Favre situation, although extremely messy and dramatic, was handled perfectly from an organizational success standpoint. It’s easy to see why fans would be more skeptical of Jordan Love taking over than Rodgers. Rodgers was a potential number one pick that fell all the way down the board and many believed Love to be a reach. If it pans out the Packers will enter the never before seen territory in the NFL of back-to-back-to-back superstar quarterbacks. If it fails they will be the organization that ran one of the greatest quarterbacks of all time out of town after wasting the end of his prime.

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