The Vikings Need to Feast on Turnover-Prone Dallas
By Bo Mitchell - Nov 19, 2020
Now that the NFL season is more than halfway over, it has become increasingly clear that the Minnesota Vikings’ 2020 schedule is turning out to be more […]
If the Vikings Want to Win in Chicago, It Will Have to Be With Defense
By Bo Mitchell - Nov 13, 2020
The Minnesota Vikings seek to continue their inexorable march toward missing out on a Top 10 draft pick on Monday night in Chicago – a place where, […]
The Vikings Are On a Trajectory to Win Just Enough Games to Make Nobody Happy
By Bo Mitchell - Nov 11, 2020
If we’ve learned anything over the past few weeks it’s that we should never rush to judgments. Have patience. Let things play out before reaching conclusions. Early […]
Comparing Dalvin Cook and Vintage Adrian Peterson
By Bo Mitchell - Nov 5, 2020
After a great deal of film review, number-crunching, introspection and whatnot, I’ve come to the conclusion that Dalvin Cook is a really good football player. I know, […]
Big Matchups and Key Stats: Davante Adams Won’t Be Denied
By Bo Mitchell - Oct 31, 2020
A lot can change in a month and a half. When these two teams met at U.S. Bank Stadium in Week 1, it was billed as a […]
What the Vikings Should Prioritize For the Rest of 2020
By Bo Mitchell - Oct 21, 2020
There are a lot of “2020 BINGO” cards floating around out there, with folks checking off things like a pandemic, murder hornets and natural disasters as they […]
Big Matchups and Key Stats: The Vikings Should Light Up the Falcons Pass Defense
By Bo Mitchell - Oct 17, 2020
Assuming the Atlanta Falcons successfully thwart the mid-week insurgence of the COVID-19 virus into their facilities, they’ll face the Minnesota Vikings on Sunday. Fingers are firmly crossed […]
How Many Wins Does Mike Zimmer Need to Keep His Job?
By Bo Mitchell - Oct 14, 2020
Following the Minnesota Vikings’ first (and, so far, only) win of the season in Week 4 over the Houston Texans, head coach/general manager Bill O’Brien was let […]
Big Matchups and Key Stats for the Vikings-Seahawks Game
By Bo Mitchell - Oct 10, 2020
The Minnesota Vikings caught a break in their early season schedule gauntlet last week, escaping Houston with a victory over the winless Texans – a team so […]
Where in the World is Irv Smith Jr.?
By Bo Mitchell - Oct 6, 2020
If 2020 was a normal year and was going to include an ordinary Halloween at the end of this month with costume parties and stuff, children of […]
Big Matchups and Key Stats for the Vikings-Texans Game
By Bo Mitchell - Oct 3, 2020
It looks like the Vikings will survive the glancing blow from COVID-19 and play their game against the Texans this week. Though they had to evacuate and […]
Time is Not on the Vikings’ Side
By Bo Mitchell - Sep 29, 2020
There were a lot of Minnesota Vikings fans and media members invoking the phrase “about time” in the aftermath of their third straight loss to open the […]